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    Fallen In Love With My Flatmate

    Hello, I am 20 years in my 3rd year of university and I have fallen in love with my flatmate.  She is […]

My Wife Says She is Not In Love With Me

Hi! A few months ago my wife of 19 years mentioned that she’s “not in love with me, but still loves me”… My impulse is to ask for a divorce since I have read that it means she’s looking for another relationship. We do things together all the time (bike rides, long drives, dining), so […]

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Girl Wants a Phone Before Making Love

I’ve been dating a girl for 7 months now without making love. My girlfriend wants me to buy her a phone before making love to me.  Does she love me or she’s just pretending? Relationship Advice on Dealing With a Gold Digger My friend, if you’re going to pay to make love, then there are […]

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I Think My Wife Had an Affair and She’s Lying

Let me give you a brief rundown of events before I ask my question. Eight months ago, I caught my wife coming out of another man’s house drunk after she went on a date with him at a strip club for her birthday. After that night I began to search through her message and social […]

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My Baby’s Mama Wants Marriage

I am having a relationship with a lady who have a child for me, but we are having a lot of problems. Let me explain a little more to you, I have a child with a lady and she is asking me to marry her but I don’t want to marry her due what she […]

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My Relationship is in Crises

Me and my girlfriend have been having disagreements for a while now. We end up making promises not to hurt each other but she ends up hurting me again. How? Well, she recently got a job attachment and ever since she never creates time for us even after work leave alone contacting me the whole […]

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I’m Confused About this Guy

First of all, I’m a guy and he’s a guy too. ( I’m bisexual) he used to be my bestfriend and im actually have a crush on him since 3 yrs ago when i started to be friend with him. He seems straight in all ways. But i stopped talking to him about one year […]

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He’s Giving Me Mixed Signals

So i’ve been going out/texting this guy for the past three months and we haven’t seen each other for 2 months because of things happening in our lives (work, vacation, etc). First we agreed we’ll meet after i get back from vacation but 2 weeks after i got back he never asked me out (I […]

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Am Rushing Girl Into Relationship

Hi So I’ve met this girl a few times and we get on well. I rushed in telling her I liked her but she did not flat out reject me and said “she doesn’t know me will enough to date Just Yet” I meeting her again this week and so I’m wondering if there is […]

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