How to have a good relationship with my boyfriend’s parents

I’m 13 years old and my boyfriend is 14. We’ve been about 5 months in a relationship and we really love each other. My parents don’t know about this but his parents do. Well, his parent didn’t have a problem with that. So his classmates were invited to a fiesta in their place and my boyfriend took me along.

So we went to their place and had good time. But I didn’t talk to his parents or his uncles. When they’re saying something to me I just smile and nod my head. And when we were about to go home my boyfriend’s mother came near to us and we said goodbye. And I said goodbye too, but in a shy mode. His mom was looking at me and I was looking at her too. In short we had an Eye-to-Eye contact. But I just kept on smiling to show I had a great time.

Well, after that I thought this shouldn’t be the way I deal with his parents. But I’m too shy to make a move. But I had information from my boyfriend that her mom likes to be helpful. And his uncles and cousins like me. But I really want his parents to like me also.

So what should I do to have a Good relationship with his parents?


Hello Girl,

So you’re 13 years and already in a relationship where you get introduced to parents, uncles and cousins? Wow, you moving pretty quick. You’ve already been in it for 5 months? How did it start? He proposed to you or something and you said yes? It’s even possible you were 12 by then. Why don’t your parents know about your relationship?  Are they the strict type or you feel you’re too young to be in a relationship to begin with?

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It’s okay to be shy at 13 years when meeting all the family members. Big girls who are even 25 years feel shy when meeting the family of their boyfriends.  Honestly, I feel your boyfriend should have just introduced you as a friend, not a lover.  Then you’ll feel really comfortable talking with his uncles and running around with his cousins. At least this is what kids your age usually do.

And you were able to maintain an eye-to-eye contact with your boyfriends’ mom? Wow, that’s bold – my wife still can’t do that. Smile is golden, and you carried out an important message that you had fun. If your boyfriends’ mom wanted to talk she should be asking the questions not the other way round. Probably she was so amazed by your courage thus making her speechless. I’m sure when she was your age, this would not had happened (meeting the family of her boyfriend).

I suggest you visit him more often when his parents are home. Then they can talk with you more instead of the huge family setting.  Just be yourself and they’ll like you the way you are. If you try to be someone open and talkative his parents will figure out that you’re acting fake and it will put them off.

I also hope you have not started making love yet. If you have, please put a stop to it and be more like friends instead. The risk of being in a serious relationship too early is that you are not emotionally strong for breakups, pregnancy and all that toppings of a relationship. His parents and family likes you the way you are, don’t go changing.

Your only ~ Love Doctor.

PS: I know people will be wondering why a relationship advice is being given to a 13 year old on this platform. Well, we operate a family safe website and offer advice to everyone. Wrong or right, children are already in relationships and they need genuine advice from grown ups but are usually scared to ask parents.  That’s why we open up to help.


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  1. Iara Mei Sanchez says:

    Thanks Love Dr!Well, before we had a “Mutual Understanding” something like that and then that’s it.  yes my parent are really strict about relationship thinggy! >_< He didn't actually introduced me at first. We were just having a secret relationship but her mother knew and so as his father does, but they are not angry about it. They are just OK with it. So we had it open with his family. My boyfriend said I was shaking while looking at his mom. Haha how embarrassing!And definitely we're not making love. It's not on his plan nor on mine.  And one of his uncle wants to "interview" me but he didn't.Once again thank you love doctor. 

  2. ark says:

    Well i still cant believe it , you are 13? And u fell inlove ? Is this a fairy tale or what?, well at your age u seem naive to be in a relationship , u should be busily playing with your Barbie doll. Ignorance is bliss!

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