I can’t talk with my boyfriend

Hello Love Doctor,
I love my boyfriend so much but i cant talk to him. I don’t know how to start a conversation with him , much less tell him about my problems in his face. I can only do that when I’m on the phone with him.  What could the problem be?

Worried girlfriend.


Hi my dear worried girl,

I know the feeling you’re having. So you decided to date a guy who answers with just “yes” and “no” to your questions. That’s not a big problem ~ I’m sure if he talked too much you would have complained too.

What could the problem be? Many reasons ranging from temperaments (introvert etc) to shyness or he just doesn’t feel like talking to you ~ I hope not.

This is how to be able to fix the problem.

signs a shy guy likes you

Signs a shy guy likes you


Whenever you’re with him, help him to first get relaxed. Crack a joke, take a walk, talk about things around you and be a little funny.  By cracking a joke I mean take something you both see around you and make a funny comment about it. When he can laugh around you, definitely he can open up.  Never ever ask him why he is not talking, it wouldn’t work.

Maybe you’re the one who is not relaxed too. So try and stay calm and relax yourself when you’re around your boyfriend. There’s nothing wrong having a bit of silence.  He’s your guy not a news reader on TV.  I’m being sarcastic I know, that’s just my style. Relax your head on his shoulders next time you’re together and enjoy some quiet time, its romantic.

Tell him about cool things you’ve noticed about him.  Like loving his cologne, his new haircut and smile on his face etc. We’re getting there right? Next time when talking with your boyfriend, talk about topics that does not require so much effort of deep thinking.  Talk about his favorite sports, how nice the weather is, school, work etc. Don’t talk about things like “where do you see yourself in the next five years”? That’s the kind of questions asked during job interviews and the last time I checked most people don’t like job interviews.

Talk about what he likes in order for him to open up. Check this out : Imagine talking to a math professor and telling him about the latest Beyonce or Justin Bieber hit single. It doesn’t work that way. So girl, study your guys interest and carry conversations along that line and you’ll be amazed how he won’t even stop talking.  To summarize for you ~ help him feel relaxed by being fun, talking about what interest him and trying to get to know him better. Try it the next time you’re together with your boyfriend, it will work. If it doesn’t come back for plan B 🙂

Yours Only ~ Love Doctor



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6 Responses so far.

  1. fefe says:

    Thank you
    I will send you feed back

  2. AYUBA HARUNA says:

    may be u are afraid to tell him.let your friend do it for u.

  3. danlougriff says:

    I have been with my boyfriend for a month and i cant talk to him

    • Love Dr. says:

      Why can’t you? Did you have a fight or misunderstanding. Communication in relationships is very important.
      I don’t know what problem you’re having in your relationship, but what I know is that not talking isn’t going to fix it.

      Go over to your boyfriend and start communicating.

  4. Person says:

    Alright, so I really need help. I have been dating my boyfriend for 4 months so far. We call and text, but at school we can’t talk. I don’t know how to. I just can’t. I don’t know what to say. I know, talk about his interest and everything, but like I want to talk about something else. I just can’t talk to him like I did when we were friends. I just don’t know how to even start a conversation.

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