I’m a Shy Guy and Need Tips to Approach a Girl

I am 21 years old and I have never been in a relationship before in my entire life. Even though I have been attracted to countless number of girls before, I have never had enough courage to approach them because am a very shy guy who likes to keep to himself. There is one girl in my church who I like so much but am just too shy to befriend her even though she has tried to be friendly towards me. How do I befriend her knowing she might not like me the same way I like her? How do I get her out of my mind?

Hello Shy Guy,

Before I give you some dating tips for shy guys wouldn’t it be better focus on your education now and stop worrying your head over something you can’t bargain for? You are shy probably because you know deep down your heart that you just want to try your luck on her without having any serious business at hand. Or maybe, you want to prove your friends wrong over your inability to con a female.

Dating tips for shy guys : 1. Never approach a girl with the intention that you’ll be having intimate affairs.  Since your focus might be on sleeping with her, you’re feeling nervous. Aint you?

signs a shy guy likes you

signs a shy guy likes you


Boy, at the moment you can’t get her out of your mind easily like a speedy rolling stone you can’t stop. All you got to do is just be cool with her. I mean, still keep the friendship if she is the one you really want and be sure of her interest in this friendship. When the right time for you too, to be together, ahhh come on, nothing can stop you from expressing your feelings towards her. And of course she can’t also turn you down if you are the right item she sees on the shelf. This leads to my second Advice for you

Dating tips for shy guys : 2 Make friends with girls of all ages especially those you wouldn’t mind they saying no to you.

Since you’re a Church guy try making friends at Church. Speak with older ladies from above 40 years and younger ones below 13 years.  This will build your confidence until such a time you can approach the hot girls around your age.

As I draw the curtains on my sermon, please keep working on your shyness if it goes beyond affecting your love life to your social, physical and other potential aspects of your life .Do this by personally emancipating yourself from this attitude, avoiding hanging out with traits of your kind and praying about it. But there are many things that can go wrong with dating so be prepared for it. Heartbreaks, pregnancies, nagging, emotional torture, jealousy, flirting, cheating and so many things. I pray that you remain shy until the time is ripe for you to enjoy your love life. Can I hear an A.M.E.N?

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3 Responses so far.

  1. King david says:

    Thanks for the advice. keep up the good work

  2. topper12 says:

    dear friend, don’t be like an algorithm. Shyness – we all do have it at some time of our life. But its your life. If you really love her i am sure you will find a way to approach her and express your feelings for her.
    Be natural and show you care for her. Naturally all things will be on road and run smooth 🙂
    all the best my friend 🙂

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