Is she the right woman for marriage

My first two marriages broke down due to adultery and misunderstandings.  I had not gone out with them for a longtime, just a few months prior to marrying them. The previous marriages all ended before I knew this current woman.   Now the current woman appears to be faithful but uneducated and sometimes unpredictable behaviors.

Because I dated for a very short time before marrying my ex’s I’ve learnt my lessons. I have known the current woman for about seven (7) years now and have 2 kids with her.

I have divorced twice already and don’t want to divorce 3 times, how do I know if the woman am currently with is the right woman for marriage?

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  1. Love Dr. says:

    You have 2 children with her and have been going out for 7 years and you still want to know whether to marry her? Well, I’ve got news for you – you’re already married to her!

    In many countries if it looks like marriage, it is marriage. You can’t have 2 children with a woman, go out with her for 7 years and be doubting whether she is good. Try and enroll her in adult education to improve herself.

    What exactly do you mean by unpredictable behaviors? Like mood swings? My 86 year old grandfather has been married to my grandmother for 59 years, yet he can’t predict her!

  2. You’ve been with her for seven good years and moreover you got two kids with her and still not certain to marry. honestly you are already married to her left with you to make the relationship legal . you said she appears to be faithful meaning there is some kind of trust.Don’t let her pay the price of your past experience.

  3. PRISCY MAWUSE says:

    All i want to say is i wish you happy marrige hahahahaha.

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