I’m in Love With an Office Colleague who is Married

My female office colleague who is married is getting too close to me. She is an innocent and good lady and we have been office colleagues for the past 8 years.  It was the first jobs we both took after college and have remained here ever since.

We were close the ttime she wasn’t married, but have become closer after marriage.  She laughs at my jokes even when they are not funny.  She call me like 5 times in a day to check out funny pictures on her laptop. She always ask me for lunch and insist I come join her. She compliments me now and then and she shares her children’s school progress and family life with me.

All these were okay until recently when she started touching me anytime we talk.  Now she tells me she loves the way I smell and that I should let her know which cologne I use so she gets some for her husband.  Today she complimented my dress and ask me for store location so she gets some for her husband. Last month I spoke with a mortgage company and suddenly she told the husband they should go check out the place. Putting all these together there is one thing I can infer – she wants her husband to be like me.

Even though she has one child, my office colleague looks freaking hot because she hits the gym always.  I’ve never had office romance, but I’ve fallen too for this lady I must confess.  Now everytime I see my marriad colleague, I feel like locking our office door (it’s just the two of us) and getting intimate with her.  The urge in me is soo strong, I wanna make love to my office colleague. I’ve kept myself for the past eight years and feel now is the time. What do I do.

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  1. mamagee says:

    hell no! please erase that thought “feel now is the time” hmm.. time for what…? don’t think going intimate with her is vanity ,remember she is married. i advice you talk to her and let her understand the position she stands with you.make it a point to distant yourself from her in a way she won’t feel you’re avoiding her completely.

  2. Heather says:

    Office romances are not ideal especially if you are not on the “same page” with the other person. As u stated, she IS married and marriage is a sacred union. If you are really special to her she would have take care of her situation first, in order to be with u proper. If you were to have your way with her, your friendship will change and it may create an awkward situation in the office. Everything is great when it works, but what do you do when it stops working? Your instincts tells you she wants HER man to be LIKE you. Your instincts didn’t tell u she wants you to be her man! Don’t jeopardize your good friend with a lustful encounter or a one night stand. go out and find your own special woman because……God bless the child that has his own!

  3. ike says:

    don’t b unwise and touch a married woman no matter how u feel is not important bt the destruction u cos urself n ur offspring cos it will b a curse to b sleeping wt someone’s wife

  4. dotse says:

    iam no married person but permit me to comment on ur post.
    i love ur sincerity wth ths issue. but once the girl in qtn is a married woman, i advise u stay away frm her. there is smthn about hr man that u dont have, the reason she still sticks wth hm evn though she has feelings for u.
    im not judging u, but bro, i sincerely think she jxt take u for a flet. sex wth u will b ok wth hr but she cannot jxt cope wth the idea of marrying a play guy lyk u.
    u probably are physically attractive but x’ter wise- a no go area.
    think of ur future wife being bonked in the offce by a morally corrupt colleaque nd ull give ur recent intimacy inclination a second thought.

  5. sumth1ng says:

    Hello mr Sender,
    Relax, breath and control! Don’t misunderstood her actions as in the first place, if she likes you, she wouldn’t marry another guy. Just take it as a compliment cause as for her, youre an ideal man, a man she wanted her husband to be like cause maybe she finds you a very good guy. Respect pls on your friendship, on your being colleagues, for her marriage and her husband and most of all, respect her as a woman. She trusts you so don’t ruin it just because of the urge you have for her. Maybe you have fallen for her but respect her status. Shes a married girl, she has a child and she trust you enough that she lets you be a part of life as a good friend. Don’t ruin a relationship. Know where you stand. If it help, enter into a relationship with another woman and keep yourself busy with her. In that way, you have a limited time to talk to your colleague and your thoughts of getting intimate with her be removed.

  6. Veerudu says:

    I’m in Love With an Office Colleague who is Married, she always take my assistance to her work, since she is not capable to do that. Both we were together start out job during 2002 and I came here to her work place just 7 years back. When I propose her, she simply decline and she says that she is in love with her husband and he is also and having beautiful family. Further, she says that, if she is not having married, she is ready to marry me. I am very much happy. What does it mean? whether she is interested in me or not.

  7. Malchee says:

    I dated a married woman for 6 months. Some of my colleagues snitched to her husband. The only thing I regret about it is that it makes you dirty within. Although stolen things are much nicer, It’s not worth it. It’s definitely something I’m not going to do again. Twas just an ego booster. Side-note…she still wants to hang out but i’m not up to it.

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