I am a Married Woman and Falling in Love With Another Man

Hi, I am 28 year old woman and married now for almost 5 years. We have a 4 year old boy and I really love my husband and he has the same feeling for me. The problem is now I am studying for my masters and I have a deep crush on my professor (he is not an old man, but he is married)

I started talking to him on phone almost everyday and text him on whatsapp, and he talks back to me. Every time I talk or see him I feel my heart beating sooo fast and I couldn’t look straight into his eyes, oh my God, I know it’s not right, but I couldn’t help myself stop it. Getting back to why am doing this? Ok, first of all, my husband slept with another woman before. ┬áIt was 2 years ago and i told him that i forgave him, but actually i didn’t and every time we have an argument I tell him I will never forget what he had done with that woman.

From time to time he might watch some porn videos or talk to horns online through video chat. That’s the real reason I feel like I want him to feel what I feel when he cheats on me (no matter who he is cheating, online or live). Also i am missing a lot of things with my husband, i am an artist and I really love craziness and he is NOT , we rarely go out together.

I remember many times I cried for him to feel like a woman with him, I want him to take me to dinner, or even go for a stroll eat and ice cream. It’s very easy things to do, but he always say I want to spend my off day at home take a rest.

He doesn’t like to go out that much AND AM NOT. Anyway, i am really rushing in and I can’t help myself, and at the same time am fed up with telling my hubby of what bothers me,, I don’t wanna talk to him anymore about what I feel because he doesn’t listen anyway. Please give me an advice . Thanks in advance

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  1. mamagee says:

    my dear i don’t buy the idea of you cheating with another man just to make your husband feel what is like to be cheated on. well i do advice you stop communicating with the professor guy i don’t mean stop schooling but make your communication be strictly teacher to student relationship.make it a point to talk to husband about his doings that makes you feel unloved,you can also seek the advice of your marriage counselor if you had one before marriage or seeks someone he respect and listens to to talk to him. i hope this will help to rekindle your relationship with your husband.remember there is a kid involve don’t go do anything that would have a long term negative impact on your child. wish you all the best

  2. CRIS FADA WULLS says:

    Am a guy like that man you’v found please,begining of every love is like hourney,but a time will come he will dump you like refuse.Please look forward and marry your husband if even you don’t love him.

  3. Bethwel Bright says:

    The best way to get your husband out his shells is to tell him straight in the face that you haven’t been comfortable with his behaviour and that he os gradually pushing you into the hands of another man. Tell him in plain language that his behaviour is making you have a crush on another and it is his choice to Change and make things right or keep things the way they are while you also fall into the hands of another. This will surely get him upset and jealous. If he is really into you. He would come forth and sort things out. I suggest you stand firm on your words while speaking to him about this so he knows how serious you are. In the mean time, cut your communication with you teacher for sometime ok…Wish u all the best

  4. !Pain Killer says:

    u r married and u have a kid as u said u love your husband and u fall for your professor to its not love if u love your husband then u dont love your professor that is just a attraction and attraction r always changed after some time i will advise u to do do dont communicating with your professor its good for u and i agree with mamagee this line “” make your relation teacher to student “

  5. Daisy says:

    They have all spoken well. One thing I have to add is You actually rushed into marriage. How did I know?? U want to go out and ur husband wants indoor. U didn’t finish enjoying ur singleness before entering into marriage but he did. So he doesn’t see anything good out there to go for. Am sorry but you have to bear it for the rest of your life. U have to sacrifice ur happiness to save your marriage. Most importantly stop reminding him of his cheating act every time. It actually breaking you guys apart. Try to forgive and forget. Accept the situation you have putting yourself into and make yourself happy in there. All the best. Before I go don’t forget adultery is a serious sin
    Against God. PEACE BE UNTO UR HOME

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