My Boyfriend and I Don’t Talk Much

My name is Caroline and I’ve been dating a really sweet guy for a month. We don’t talk a lot now because he isn’t making the effort but because I shut down and become really shy.

I’m scared to talk to him about anything which is keeping us from bonding though I’m not a huge talker either. Can you give me some advice to open up to him so we can develop a friendship because I feel it will end if I don’t start talking.


Please read this article on Dating a Shy Guy it will be of help.

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  1. Bethwel Bright says:

    Dear Caroline, you just adviced yourself in your report. That you have to open up to him and develop a friendship. Thats all you need ti do dear. Just find the courage and speak out your mind freely with him. You can help yourself by tryna talk on silly topics that will certainly make you both laugh, gradually, you are paving way for confidence and tgat friendship you certainly need in your relationship. Its all up to you now dear.

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