My Small Size Preventing Me From Dating Any Girl

Am a young man of 23 years of age and am so small so I feel shy about it to date a any lady. So I used to masturbate any time I want to fulfill my desires. Please help me what should I do now? I wish I was bigger.


Don’t feel shy. Some girl out there is looking for you. Some ladies ask for tips on dating guys like we we even had to write an article on Signs a Shy Guy Likes You

Cheer up and don’t worry about sizes!

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  1. Bethwel Bright says:

    My guy. There is nothing you can do about it cos you have passed the stage of puberty. It should have grown bigger between the “teens” but since it didn’t, you should know thats the final size. Dont be bothered cos its normal due to genetic factors too. But I advice you forget about your size and concentrate on starting a life with a lady. If this should make you feel better; most men have huge penises but they are weak in bed, they dont last long either. Let that aspect be your main headache and think of how long you can last to satisfy the sexual desires of your woman. What use is a huge penis which doesn’t last. Dont worry yourself man..

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