Should I Forget About Her

I was introduced to a woman back in mid summer 2013 and we went head over heels in love in a short period of time. She told me all her bad relationships in the past was worth it to find me, by the fall we were engaged. She was engaged twice before and called them off. I knew she worked a lot sometimes 7 days a week but normally 6.

Her job is very demanding and she has 2 daughters who have given her a lot of problems – they are 21 and 17 and a ex husband who hates her and was suing for child support because both daughters had moved in with him.

I told her i did not care and would support her no matter what. By Christmas she had taken the ring on and off a couple of times , saying that with everything in her life she could not deal with the stress and guilt of not seeing me much. she was depressed a lot and i tried to be very supportive of her and she said she loved me but not sure if she was in love with me anymore and needed time and space.

signs a shy guy likes you

signs a shy guy likes you

I truly never gave her this and would text her saying i missed her and loved her and could we see each other. Over the winter we did see each other off and on, she would say she missed me and tell me about her problems and that she was not seeing no one. i would ask her if I could call her sometimes and she would say yes, i tried to be not so pushy to see her and tell her how i felt , but always telling her i am here for you and would rather have you as a friend than nothing at all but within a few weeks i would start asking her to see her and i missed and loved her which seemed to push her away again.

She would say that my expectations were to high and she did not want to hurt me. Over last winter we did sleep together a couple of times and went out for supper and she even told me when she was drinking only that she loved me. which would get me started all over again with the texts saying am here for her and i loved her but she would not break down that wall. i know she was depressed a lot over the winter and this summer, we would talk and she would tell me all her problems, she would tell me that i was the only guy who never hurt her and i have done so much for her.

she promised so many times the summer that we were going out to either dinner or the cabin but never did and again would tell me my expectations were to high and i would say yes i love you and care for you. Here is my problem – i noticed over the last couple of months she seemed to be coming around a bit, i would say am going to call and she say yes , she invited me over for coffee about 3 weeks ago, we went and looked at my new home i was building , made promises to hang out together again she would tell me about all her problems , but 2 weeks ago she told me she had been going out of town to visit her friend who used to live next door and she meet a guy who is 30 years old (she is 40) and he lives a hour drive away and he does not have a license so he cant come see her and they decided that she and him would date exclusively and i could not be in her life anymore.

she told me she feels horrible about it but that my feelings for her are too strong and would not be fair to him or me to keep me around. I did text her last week to say keep the jacket i had just purchased for her it was almost a 1000. I bought it for her a week before she told me about him , did it to make her feel better about her life and put a smile on her face, she called to say i could take the jacket back if i wanted and i told her that i feel abandoned by her and she said i am still here which left me confused.

I text her last night to say i am happy she met someone and she deserves to be happy but never heard back, should i forget her and go on. she has told me so many times how good i am to her , how we never fought , but she also said to me that she needed time and space away which the most i have ever tried without reaching out was maybe 10 days.. but if i asked could i call she would say yes but always put us off on seeing each other in person. lost and confused i love her so much.

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  1. Bethwel Bright says:

    She is uncertain about her feelings and clearly doesn’t wanna hurt you. It may be hard but, yes! Do forget about her. If you both are meant to be together, she will always cone back running. Just stay in good terms with her but keep your distance. Forget about her and move on.

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