I’m Afraid of Women

please thanks for creating this relationship medium. I don’t know where to start.
I am somebody who fear woman but admire them so much.

I feel shy anytime they are close to me. so please,what should i do now?

signs a shy guy likes you

signs a shy guy likes you

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  1. Chantel Iris says:

    This has got to be a lack of self confidence something. you admire ladies but tend to fear them whenever they come around you…,hmm,before you get to overcome this shortcoming, you have to work on your overall self confidence and attitude around ladies.why do i say this? because, before you can find that comfort in being with them without having to feel shy or awkward, you need to gather courage and confidence. with this, you can be around them all you want and never have to bother or let them intimidate you.
    Once you cross that bridge, you can now stand a better chance of even going further to make some of the females you encounter, companions or friends. if you don’t find the right balance in managing how to relate with them, trust me, you’ll end up getting affected all the time when they are around. be a MAN!

  2. Bethwel Bright says:

    There’s only one thing you can do.
    Build your confidence. You lack confidence and ladies love to be around guys who are confident.
    Without confidence you can’t overcome this.
    To boost your morale, try being funny when you approach them. Saying a word or two which will get them to giggling is an upper hand for you to score a friendship with them.
    All depends on how confident you are willing to be.
    Bare in mind, they are also humans-thy dont bite, they aint vampires. The worse they can do is to tell you to look elsewhere.
    More vhim man.

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