I’m Confused Between a Man Who Helped Me and the Guy I Love

Am with a man that I don’t truly love but he helped me a lot when I was at the university and want to marry me now. But I also love a different guy that needs some time before we can get married.

And my parents council me to marry the first man who helped me. Am very confused don’t know the right decision to make. Please help me.

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  1. Bethwel Bright says:

    No one can make this decision for you dear.
    At times, you gotta let your heart think for you while most likely too, you have go to think with both your heart and head. I suggest you do exactly that.
    Find out who loves you most ans a make your choice.

  2. Chantelle Iris says:

    You, better than anyone should know what you want in terms of the two guys involved.you mentioned that you dont love the first guy but your parents are advising youto marry him ….., well, in advising you i’d say you need to consider what and whom you want.you cant marry someone just because they were good to you before. …it doesnt mean you guys will be compatible together in marriage.
    People help people all the time.. but do they end up marrying them? of course not! my dear, follow your heart and go for what makes you happy.if its the other guy you love i’ll say go with him.you may have problems with your parents with the choice you make but do not sacrifice your happiness for that.marriage is a long way, once you in. ….you hardly get out.

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