There are Lot of Misunderstanding in My Relationship

I am i a relationship with my girlfriend for the pass two years now, we share what supposed to be shared in a relationship.

But now things are changing in the awkward ways for now…no sex and we have some more misunderstanding with each other.

We do sometimes don’t talk to each other and she does not always want to go out with me on occasion and party as well.


Dear worried brother,

Please find out what changed recently on your part and hers. How long have you not “shared what’s supposed to be shared”? And who said sex is compulsory in a relationship anyway?

If your girlfriend doesn’t want to hangout or go to public places then you’re in a bit of a problem. Read the signs – most likely its over or there maybe another guy in the picture. If you want verification view

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  1. Chantelle Iris says:

    Lets just say that you guys have gradually drawn apart due to the problems you guessing none of you took the time to resolve all the issues you faced thereby further strengthening the bond you guys my advice i’ll say that you two lack the basic tool needed to make a relationship work….which is effective comminication!
    No relationship can thrive when both partners decide to fold their arms and not do anything about their problems even going to the extent of not talking to each other??? its really guys need to sit and talk because its obvious no one is happy in the relationship.address your issues and dont let them linger on.

  2. Bethwel Bright says:

    Have you tried news ways of doing things ? No I guess. She might just be fed up with the usual way by which you both do stuffs. Try something new for a change. Instead of going out to public places, you can have a romantic day out alone -just the two of you.
    Most likely, there might be another guy in the whole issue and she just wants to lay you off by acting like she does now.
    Pay close attention to her and find what the real problem is and do your best to make things right .

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