Thinking About My Boyfriend’s Ex Girlfriends

Hi there, I just need some advice on how to move on from the past with my boyfriend. Long story short, I met him in Grade 10 and he was in Grade 12. It’s been 2 amazing years. Just one thing that gets me is HIS past. I’m not gonna go into the story it’s way to long to explain . Before I met Sean he dated a few girls before me, and one of them happens to be my waking nightmare. She’s a year above me and at the beginning of Sean’s and my relationship I didn’t know he messaged her to see how she was doing. And the texts we’re a little flirty and she was pretty flirty mainly.

Then she kept saying how amazing friends they can be now, and how they should meet up for a drink. He’ responds ya totally let’s do it. They never did. About 9 months later, I’m sneaking through his phone because I know this girl is probably being flirtatious with him. I could feel it. I know this is complete invasion of privacy but I had to do it and I felt like there was something there, which there was!!! He text her first. And all through the summer without him knowing because I was afraid to tell him I snooped through his phone. I kept asking so since the time we’ve been dating Sean, you haven’t text any girls right? And he kept saying no no no I haven’t.

Then a couple months after we we’re talking about if he’s text any girls while we we’re dating. Finally he confessed and I completely lost it on him. And I told him I went through his phone and he wasn’t mad about that just mad I didn’t tell him I saw that he text her. It just really bothers me that he kept lying about this girl, making it a bigger deal then it needs to be. So more stuff happened and we had a few run ins with this girl and now I just feel like he will always have a thing with her, and I can’t stop creeping her on social media and seeing what she’s doing. I like to torture myself and think about how they text flirtatiously while we we’re dating. after that huge blow out he did admit he was wrong and did say yes the texts we’re boarder line flirty but he felt terrible about it.

Anyways some more stuff happened and she text him recently asking why the couldn’t be friends and everything and she was just being really persistent about them being friends. And Sean’s changed a lot he wants nothing to do with her. And he’s made that very clear to me by blocking her out all his social medias and everything. That’s just kinda the background of a little that happened. I can’t really give you the full thing because it would take me forever to type it out!! Just my main issue is that I think about her a lot and the stuff Sean did in the past with her, and they weren’t even that bad! Like the stuff they did while they dated which wasn’t very long. I just feel like this girl was a huge part of his life and she bothers me so much cause she’s the type who wants to cause drama and be in everyone’s business and relationships.

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I can’t help but think about the past with him!! I can’t stop thinking about all the girls he’s hooked up with (making out) not sex. Because I was his first. This sounds so dumb but I can’t get my head out of the past and it causes so many issues today cause I love bringing up the past and it causes to argue a lot cause he keeps saying stop bringing up the past. But with the whole thing him texting that girl has made all similar things an issue. I’m struggling to get my head out of the past!! Please help me try to move on and just look at just us and no one else! Please help!!

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  1. Essien says:

    You sound like you are not ready for a relationship. Search yourself and tell me if you have never had any other person as a friend apart from him. There is a saying that those that feel insecure are the ones that need to be checked the most, had this issue with my ex, she always checks my phone, it boils me up cos i never cheated on her and just had friends. What women forget sometimes and even men are guilty of this is that the person you are dating now had friends before you came into play and you as the other person has to understand that.

    Based on what i could read from the story, you are expecting something to go wrong, give him a benefit of doubt and purpose in your heart that you want this relationship to work. You’ll be good dear

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