Any Hope Saving My Long Distance Marriage

I needs some help with my relationship with my wife. We been having problems lately and it has gotten worst. Two years ago my wife had an affair while I was deployed, she felt the marriage was over because we lost intimacy, I forgave her and we tried to move on. later that year she had a severe heart attack and almost died in my arms but I was able to save her till the rmt showed up.

she spent a few weeks in the hospital and I was there every hour of it holding her hand until she came out of the comma. Things got better but somewhere along the way something went wrong everything I did was wrong and she thinks that I don’t trust her. Yes I was hurt that she was unfaithful but I never bring it up. she has mild depression and PTSD and she takes her medication (sometimes). she gets angry at the smallest things, or so I thought until I read the book the seven love languages and I see my wrong doings.

I am in the military and deployed and my wife goes t o school full time to keep herself busy while i’m gone and to pursue her passion. when I call or text her it is usally short because she is busy with school and sometime I dont get a reply from my text to her for two to three days and at worst four days, it may not seem much to her but just a little hello would brighten my day. on two occasions I text her with no reply for a few days so I texted one of her good friends to see if everything was. My wife saw it as checking up on her which made her very angry. even though my wife is ok after the surgery on her heart (pace maker was installed)I still worry about her.

When she doesn’t respond I cant help but think of the day she collapsed in my arms, but she doesn’t see it that way. just recently she sent a hateful text about how I don’t trust her and I should not have called her friend and to stop checking up on her and treating her like a child. I did not fuel the conversation but replied with loving words only to get a return text telling me that she needs a break from me and doesn’t want to talk to me again.

I replied with loving words, I have not received a text from her since. I don’t know what do to do and I love her very much, what has happen in the past we cant erase and all we can do is move forward, I want us to share the love we once had. it is hard for me because I am thousands of miles away from my beautiful wife. is there any hope?


Hello My military friend,

You’re too good to be in this marriage. Thousands of women are seeking a man like you to marry. I don’t want to hurt you, neither do I want to lie to you.  The truth of the matter is that you can’t save your marriage because there’s no marriage to begin with! Your “wife” is taking you for a fool and you better sit up and think deeply.  Beautiful she is huh? Come dude, wake up. 

If a lady living 1,000 miles away tells you she needs a break, then it definitely means it over.  The effort you put in saving this marriage will be best placed in meeting someone who will appreciate you!  These articles will help you  Signs You’re Heading for Divorce and Dealing with Long Distance Relationships


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