I Want to Break Up with My Long Distance Boyfriend

I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 years now. my boyfriend is far from me about 9 months now i never set my eyes on him but we communicate.

But i don’t feel comfortable with this kind of long distance relationship. can i breakup with him and how can i know that he still loves me, he is not cheating on me? Please help me.

Dear one,
Are you cheating on your boyfriend? If not why do you think he is cheating on you? Do you still love him? The truth of the matter is that long distance is tough and if you’re not ready then you should quit. Find a new guy and stop suspecting an innocent guy :).

If you want to still keep the relationship please read How to Deal With Long Distance Relationship

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  1. Chantelle Iris says:

    you will know if he loves you or not.it shouldnt be that hard to figure out.besides why are you breaking up with him? is it because of the distance issue? To me, that shouldnt bother you much because we have lots of relationships that have made it very way dating this way.it just needs a little more effort and commitment as it isnt comfortable like the normal kind of relationships that we have.
    if you have a problem with the distance, talk to your partner.let him know about it so you guys can get to work on it and bring a solution for it.Breakup is not the best form of solving this.

  2. Philips says:

    Distance is not an excuse to be honest, I’m in a distant relationship too and i’m fine, never cheated and dont doubt my baby, its all in the mind, Pls do not do the mistake of listening to peer pressures, they do you no help at all, trust your heart and believe hes real.

    To know if he has moved on, checked communication, is it still strong and concrete, if Yes, i’ll advise u hold on. If not, speak your mind to him. Communication is essential in Long distance relationship. You will be fine dear

    ** A secret you can use, give him an ultimatum to come and see you…lol, it always work (I didnt say anything Oooo)

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