I Slept With My Sister

I slept with my sister and am so much confused on what to do next. We did not really plan to have such illicit affair, but it accidentally happened. My sister is 18 years and gosh she is a beautiful girl. I mean a pretty black girl with long hair. I’m 21 years and love to do fun things. Please don’t judge me yet until you read the full story. So my sister lives with my mama, whiles am with my grandparents about 7 hours drive away.

I was the stubborn type whilst growing up in the city so at the age of 15 years my mama suggested I’d be brought  to live with my grannies because I’ll be messed up in city. We have different fathers, but none of them seem to care. My mum never married and said my grandpa could be a father figure for me. At that time my sister was young.

dating advice We saw each other during long school holidays and admire her, but I never had any thought of having a love affair with my sister. I’m dating a strong Christian girl back here and she doesn’t want any love affairs. My sister is also dating her boyfriend who is much easy with life. One night when I came back to the city and we hit the club to have some drinks and dance the night away.  It was the first time dancing with my sister and we became a bit intimate with our dance moves.

Get Divorce AdviceI couldn’t handle it no more and began to feel guilty that I was dancing that way with my sister so I left to do some thriller dance instead.  In the process another guy came to dance with my little sister and I began to feel jealous. I got angry that my sister clubs and dances nasty with a stranger so I pulled her out of the club (after all I gotta protect my kid sister).


We got into our car (we brought along our mama’s car) and my sister was so pissed that I pulled her out of the club and it was embarrassing for her. She asked why I was behaving like a jealous boyfriend and in the heat of our argument we started kissing.  It was 2am then and dark. I don’t know what man, I just don’t know. All I realized was that I slept with my sister.


I slept with my sister

Dating Advice and Relationship Counseling Needed for a guy who posed the question:               I slept with my sister

We were also a little tipsy with the alcohol we took. Worse of all we didn’t use protection but I guess she is not pregnant because she safe by then. Now this is a secret between us for about 2 weeks now and I keep getting hunted. My sister says she wants to tell our mama about it and see a relationship counselor at her school, but I think it’s crazy. What’s the next move? I want to resolve this issue before I live the city. Please I need online counseling because I can’t stand face-to-face with a counselor and tell him/her I slept with my sister. It’s embarrassing.

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  1. Love Doctor says:

    The next move? Just thank God the next move isn’t going to be an abortion for your little sister. Dude, you guys messed up big time and just accept it first then we could take it from there.

    I understand you not living with your Dad, especially being a boy will be tough on your mama, but that’s no excuse to sleep with your sister. Also not seeing your sister often doesn’t naturally translate into having intimate feelings for her. People have sisters they’ve never met, but as long as they know it’s their sister “the little boy down below” softens up!

    Look, your sister needs counseling okay. It’s not a crazy. Sleeping with her is much more crazy. You also need counseling that’s where you are hear I guess. So why stop your little sister from seeing a relationship counselor?

    Maybe you should just keep it from your mum, after all you’re both consenting adults. I suggest the two of you stop taking alcohol when you’re together. Apologise to each other and promise it’s never going to happen again. All the best dude.

    • mike says:

      My friend , you have committed a serious sin which is part of the unforgivable sins . I

    • mike says:

      My friend , you have committed a serious sin which is part of the unforgivable sins . I mean incest. Pray to the Almighty God fro forgiveness and an attitude of repentance as well. Let your mama and girlfriend also know about it if possible. Cos that’s the only way you can free yourself and leave the rest in God’s hand . But change your life for the better.

  2. Tijani says:

    Hi man,
    the mess has being made okay, there is nothing you can do to that again, what you can do is to prevent that from happening next time, it must be a secret between the two of you, because you might not like the consequences if it arises.
    and that is another negative effect of drinking, you will unconscious and see what it has cause you.You have to let go,because the mistake has being made.
    Best wishes.

  3. Bright Bethwel says:

    Seriously, i suggest you let your little Sister keep her mouth shut. She telling your Mum will just make things worse.
    Fine, you both slept together. It was a mistake which was never thought of nor did you anyone push the other into doing it.
    You both should talk things through and try and find another perspective to the situation rather than running off to tell your mum.
    You can both speak to A TRUSTED COUNSELLOR, to help you both get this outta the way.

  4. Antwi Kenneth says:

    Man, let sleeping people stay in their peace. Your mum, your girlfriend and your sister’s boyfriend all will not forgive you both should they know this. The two of you need a pastor who can show you the love of God for all repentant sinners. It is only when God forgives that one can get peace. Now you know one can not play with fire and not hate. May the good Lord help you find peace.

  5. bawah says:

    This is time for u to prove that you are a man dude co’s “an old fire stick may catch easily” and cause big MESS!She was not willing to do so co’s she wanted to know why you were behaving as her boy friend….Apologise to each other and take the blame in front of her…All the BEST!

  6. Nana says:

    Cut it out fast and pretend it never occurred ..be cool and be careful never ever try that bullshit again .
    Incest is a criminal offence in many countries “know the criminal aspect of this abomination

  7. Alexader Bolt says:

    Man it soo easy to engage in such a thing again but try to be faithful to yourself and also ask for firgiveness from God. Make sure you disease from alchohol next time becourse it is a big offence . Stay bless and becareful next time

  8. BAWA says:

    just pray to GOD for forgiveness and never go about telling people,tell your mum also don’t forget we are Africans and might need some traditional purification,don’t get me wrong i don’t mean other gods but if be need of some customary it should be done as quickly as possible.

  9. Borketey says:

    You say you’re 21 now and your sister is 18. Then you said when you went to your grandparents, you were 15 and your sister was 10. Did your sister age quicker at some point to shorten your age difference by two years or did you slow down aging for her to catch up ?

  10. Atule says:

    Pls go n see ur pastor to be taken thruu confession ur sins n pray 4 de 4giveness of sins. U stil hav a life 2 life so becareful

  11. MAMA says:

    Hi,am sorry such a mess happened,but the harm has already been done, so you both have to forget and forgive.A lot of things happen in this world,people kill thie fellow humanbeings without having remorse,so just pray over it and take it out from you minds.It’s a big sin but don’t forget The ALMIGHTY GOD forgive sinners.Jacob married Leah and Rebecca in the BIBLE,They were two sisters,[same parents].so you juys should let it go,but don’t do that again.GOD BE WITH YOU GUYS.

  12. DANIEL says:

    Hey my friend,don’t worry much,this world is full of bulony,just pray over it and tell your sister you are sorry and it will not happen again.Don’t tell anybody about it.GOOD LUCK TO BOTH OF YOU.

  13. Frank Adjei says:

    Your sins are forgiven cuz you open up.
    who do you sin to?…men, mother, friends or who? Only to God u did sin to so go your knees and say father forgive me and sister for we did…I God is willing to forgive all.

  14. Ngu says:

    Abraham’s Wife Sarah was his half sister for you all who want biblify the issue.

  15. Ngu says:

    You’re the eldest and the man. You will be blamed for the incident. Keep that to yourselves.

  16. J says:

    Tell parents and boyfriend, girlfriend, granny will aggravate the issues. Speak to pastor and receive counselling. Ask God for forgiveness (you two) and also ask your sister to forgive you.
    Stay away from each other as much as possible, do not be alone together or go out with her. I believe with time, the bad feelings and guilt will subside.

  17. Francis says:

    Hi, the mess has already being done, go down on your knees and ask God for forgiveness and call your sister and apologies to her to forgive you, both of you should stop drinking alcohol immediately because you cannot control your self when you are tipsy. Be good and do not tell a soul not your mother nor grandma. Since you have come out to confess is a good start God will definitely give you peace he is the only one who can stay blessed.

  18. Orgonus says:

    It is better to solve this issue with your sister only and ask God for forgiveness. Once you have realized your mistake, you are already forgiven but go and sin no more.

  19. bobbi says:

    Man, you messed up and your age difference does not match up. Never be alone with your sis. Who knows what will happen next time and ask God for forgiveness. Finally you both should see an experienced and well trusted counselor.

  20. Tweyede says:

    What is the difference between two consenting adults having gay sex and two consenting adults having incestuous sex?I just want to know where we as a society are drawing the line for acceptable sexual behavior and the reasons for even drawing any lines.

  21. alfred says:

    Go and see a very good Pastor from Ghana. Else —– you will regret this insane act.

  22. Mom says:

    hey INCEST is BEST 😉

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