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Hi all, I’ve met this wonderful guy who happens to be a medical doctor! I feel so lucky am dating a doctor because of the prestige and stuff that comes with being in a good profession.  The bank account is not bad, he knows how to listen and best of all he appears to know my body too 🙂

But looks like there are a few bad one too. He’s never around when I need him most. Like the last time we were spending quality time at his place around 11pm and he got paged! He left me there and then to attend to a patient. It has happened quiet often and it’s beginning to scare me. Will I be left lonely if I end up marrying a doctor?

My doctor boyfriend is not sensitive too. The other time I cut my finger in the kitchen and started screaming.  He run upstairs to me, looked at my finger and said “oh, that’s all that is making you scream? Girls get cut in the kitchen all the time”. I felt unloved. He later apologized and to me that he worked on a case a day before on a guy who had his whole leg chopped off in a crash maybe that’s why he saw mine as just a minor cut.

These are few examples that’s making me regret dating a doctor. Now I dread getting married to my boyfriend? Can you please advice?

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  1. chanteliris says:

    hmm..this is not an issue big enough that you leave your guy. its too petty to ruin the good thing you have going with your guy. if he’s doing something you don’t like just alert him.maybe hes not even aware of some of the things he does that hurts you.just tell him but I dont agree on a breakup. its too extreme.let the positive stuff you like about him overshadow the negatives.

  2. Love Doctor says:

    So you prefer dating a guy who’s broke and have a lot of time for you? It rare to find a man with man and lots of time too. So you’ve got to sacrifice something. Most people will think am wrong but it’s true. If having your man spend quality time with you is very important, then dating a doctor is a wrong move.

    You can’t change him, so make a choice. He’s not going to make time after you’re married. So maybe you’ve got to break up.

  3. Bright Bethwel says:

    You are dating a doctor and such you must know he will surely be called at any undue hour to attend to patients. Imagine you were that patient that needed to be attended to and the doctor they called says he can’t make it and that he is spending time with his girlfriend. As a normal human being,how would you feel.
    I strongly suggest you start appreciating the work he does and motivate him more into doing it rather than getting all worked up about it. Sooner or later,it will get to him and he will get pissed off. And believe me, between you and his work,.you will be a lost call. For christ sake,he is Saving lives!

    You can’t have a perfect man dear. He not being that sensitive shouldn’t be a problem to you. He has other qualities which over powers his minor ones so why bother about it? You just have to make yourself adjustable to certain conditions.

    Don’t be Foolish and lose him. Other ladies are dying to be in your shoes.

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