Just Found Out im Pregnant

I just found out im pregnant now what do I do? I missed my period and went to buy a pregnancy test kit.  Unfortunately, I had a false negative pregnancy test which has thrown my life in tatters.  After a lot of body changes and still not having my period I went to the hospital only to determine that im pregnant!

I went to an abortion clinic but the doctor says no because am above 3 months and a few days now. According to the doctor, abortion survivors after 12 weeks have complications later in life. I’m pregnant now 14 weeks! I feel so stupid. We felt I was safe because it was just two days after my period so

just found out im pregnant

Just found out Im pregnant now what?


The real problem isn’t having just found out im pregnant. The real problem is that im 18 and just about entering the university this september.  Worse of all my boyfriend (my neighbor) is 16 years and still in high school.

Im just freaking out now. My parents will feel disappointed in me. Just made it to college with full scholarship because of my good grades.




Counseling on just found out im pregnant


Ghana Girls

Dear worried girl,

Having found out you’re pregnant isn’t the end of the world. I’m not a medical expert, but if the doctor says it’s not safe then don’t go for the abortion. You wouldn’t be the first girl to be pregnant in the university. Just toughen up and have the child.

Your parents are already proud of you. I don’t think pregnancy will let any right thinking parent hate the daughter. It will amaze you the kind of support they’ll offer. And as for you high school boyfriend, he should learn to zip up and concentrate on getting good grades too.

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  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    So what do you intend doing now? Abortion? Tell Your parents? Have the baby?
    Well, the prime decision is yours but personally i would advice you see a very good doctor and abort the baby. For reasons being that;
    1.Your life is going to be a living hell as at now.

    2.Your education will be on hold.

    3.How well can you cater for the child with an SHS student as the father.

    4.The disappointment you will give to your parents if they should find out.

    I might be wrong about all these. For the sake that, some parents will take up the responsibility of taking care of the child so you dont have to suffer.(if you or the guy are from a well to do home).
    You can keep the child if you desire to considering the conditon of the family you are in and the goals you set for yourself to achieve wont be tempered with that much.

  2. Margarito Vanhuss says:

    Congratulations, kudos, and woo hoo you’re pregnant! In those rare moments when you’re not dancing on air or completely freaking out, you may wonder what you need to do next.

  3. Juli Ju says:

    This is very complicated issue but I would like to advise that you should not go in for abortion. Just take this moment as another beginning in your life.

    I am happy you had an admission into the tertiary level. I don’t think pregnancy is not allow in tertiary schools. I was in class with ladies who were pregnant when I was reading my degree programme. What you need now is self-encouragement and self-motivation. Bear in mind that your pregnancy can never be the end of your dream.

    Please, relax and don’t take any hasty decision. Who knows what that child you are bearing will be tomorrow? Who knows that’s that the only fruit of your womb? Who knows what will happen to you if you go to the university this year? Just tell your parents and they will give you all the necessary supports throughout this heartbreaking moment in your life.

    Please, cheer up!

  4. Rev Chris Quaye says:

    I suggest you should not abort that pregnancy because God has a wonderful plan for you.Though you are pregnant, life must continue.To abort has so many implication that u will live to regret in future.In the first is murder in the presence of God.You’ve sinned against God,talk to Him ans ask for forgiveness and ask him to renew your life and restore you.Talk to your Pastor and let him pray with you.As for the school you MUST go and continue your education.If your parents finds it out be humble enough to ask for their forgiveness.They cannot kill you though they may not be happy with you.If you fiancee has accepted the pregnancy, then go ahead to give birth.If he has refused that may be a bother because the tag of bastard will have come into play.But for know please you are too young to abort pregnancy at this time.Who knows this might turn to be the only child you may have.Remember, people are doing all sorts of thing to give birth but is not coming.Trust God and ask for His forgiveness and your conscience will be free from guilt and continue with your life.I wish you all the best.Stay blessed.



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