My Husband Makes Me Feel Worthless

I’ve been told by my husband I haven’t earned the right to use his surname. I didn’t have all my cloths in the dresser, but even that he removed what I did and put his there leaving me no where to put my cloths in the home.

My husband makes me feel worthless especially when he put my clean clothes in a laundry basket in the garage or my trunk (booth of a car).

I pay what I can a better part of my income, but i don’t have a key to our new home. How can I get to not feel worthless? I left the home once because my husband hit me and I’ve not forgotten.

Love Doctors answer on My Husband Makes me feel worthless

The last thing I advice people to do is to divorce.  But in your case you got fewer options. It’s better to be separated and happy, than to be married and sad.  If a guy hits you, he’s out. Next time he might just end up killing you.

I advice you separate from him for a while to see if he comes back to his senses (I don’t think he would anyway). You’re in an abusive relationship and that’s not good. There are reasons why women stay in abusive relationships and you’ve got to read our article on that.

Find a husband who makes you feel worthy, others it’s better being single.

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  1. chanteliris says:

    This is so not right.I mean how can you bear to live with such treatment? you nees to start setting the records straight in your marriage. I dont really know how you two met, but whatever the circumstance surrounding that could be a reason as to why hes treating you in such manner.
    but its not too late to start demanding some respect from him of which he must give you….you are his wife, not some hooker or girl friend. he needs to see your worth my dear and you have to let him.use whatever means are available to you presently. talking to him might not be a good idea….he might hit you again after he did so before. try setting some space between you two. let him miss your presence in the house…
    think that’ll bring him back on track.

  2. Tijani says:

    hi dear
    You have to approach him, let him know you are his wife, if he is fed up, he should tell you, that is better than treating you this way. Why are some men heartless like that, well our fingers are not equal you know, but that isn’t fair. You really have to do something

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