Is My Girlfriend Cheating

I am 27 years and there is this 25 year old girl that we have dated for almost 4 years now. I trusted her but one day I went to her house and found a guy in her room 2 times. So i asked her who is this guy and what is he doing here and she answered this is my friend i have been learning with i have a problem in maths.

Anytime he comes there he sleeps in the same room with my girl friend, before that she told me that guy is her best friend she has been studying with in high school. They have been calling each other but nothing prove that they are doing something behind me.

is my girlfriend cheating

Is my girlfriend cheating and how do I catch her is she is

She showed my pic to him. I trust her because I have been living with her for so many years I haven’t seen any sign of cheating because of that our relationship is dying slowly.  She keeps on begging me that is not true even the guy have called me to prove he is nothing to her but still I am not okay because they slept in the same room.

Please what should I do, is my girlfriend cheating?

Love Doctor Advice on the question “Is my girlfriend cheating?”

So a guy has been spending the night with your girlfriend and you still have no proof she’s cheating? What more proof do you need? Boy, if I had a sister who is single I would have hooked her up to you.  The fact that she shows your picture to him and he’s spoken to you doesn’t mean your girlfriend is not cheating.  Even husbands who are married and having cheating wives most at times know the guys their wife is cheating with. Their husbands just don’t have the slightest idea or like you, they’re pretending she is not cheating.

Think about this: You’ve been dating your girlfriend for 4 years, definitely if she was best friends with the guy, you would have known him long ago! Wake up my brother and shine your eyes! Even if you’ve been dating for 6 months you should have known your girlfriends best friend!  Did your girlfriend know the guy already before she met you four years ago? Or your girlfriend found a new male best friend whiles she was dating you?

Now my advice is that you should breakup with her. Not because she cheated (because you won’t accept that fact), but because you don’t trust her. You shouldn’t be dating and end up marrying a girlfriend you don’t trust even if you have no proof of cheating. Your instincts is the biggest proof.

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  1. Tijani says:

    Hi man,
    There is no successful relationship without trust, if your woman is saying there is nothing going on and even the guy has also told you that there is nothing going on between them and you still do not believe then trust me your woman is going to get tired of you and you are going to even give her the chance to do what she is not doing, come to think of it, she might be praying that you do something so that she will use that as a case and break up with you.
    All you need to do is to believe her and be very vigilant since you do not have any evident that shows that they are dating or they are in relationship.
    Stay Bless

  2. Bright Bethwel says:

    No one can prove whether she is cheating or not except yourself.
    Despite the guy has told you that doesn’t mean you should believe her. It might be true or not.
    Its left up to you to investigate.
    Give them the benefit of the doubt yh. Let them think you believe them and keep a close eye on them. Badge into her room at anytime, who knows you might catch them doing the unthinkable.
    Be cautious .

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