Boyfriend Gets Angry Easily

My boyfriend gets angry easily and insults me at the little provocation. We have been dating for 4 years and am thinking its too long. I am very confused now, as to continue or quit. What should I do?

Love doctor advice on Boyfriend gets angry easily

Hello, please quit the relationship with your boyfriend. Breakup up with him not because he gets angry easily but because he insults you too. That’s an abusive relationship and am surprised you stayed in for four years!

It’s not too late to find a guy who know how to treat women right. Brave up girl and walk! You’ll find another boyfriend. Lets assume you don’t find a boyfriend for the rest of your life – it is still better than being in an abusive relationship like this.  Read our article on why women stay in abusive relationships.

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  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    Don’t think twice about what you are about to read.
    Break up with him ASAP. Being angry easily is kinda normal with most guys but going so far as to insult you is out of order. He doesn’t respect you and seriously, i don’t think that’s the kinda of man you will like to call a husband. Who knows, he might end up beating you consistently after you he gets married to you.
    For you own safety and pride. Please leave this relationship while you still can.

  2. Tijani says:

    you really very brave to stay with him for that four year, you have to really decide on whether you love this guy or not, you know yourself so your must be able to tell, to what i have seen, you love this guy that is why you could stay with him for this long time. I believe you have heard of this proverb which goes as ” the devil you know is better than the angel you do not know” you know what this guy’s character is, so i believe you can still control that, come to think of it, the new guy you are going to date do you know what he is going to do to you, he might do what is worst than what your current guy is doing, the boy is in your court my dear, kick it rightly to score a great and unforgettable goal.
    Best wishes

  3. Teddy Wendy says:

    Well this abuse is just too much. He getting bored easily is understood because most guys are that way but verbally assaulting you is way out of the context. Most guys get angry with their girlfriends but then control themselves because they know how to treat a woman right, and I believe one of such is waiting just for you. Save yourself the trauma and end things with this guy, you wouldn’t know what he might do to you should you guys get married. Make up your mind sooner than later and live a happy life. best wishes

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