Is My Wife Having An Affair

I got home the other day and my wife was in her office. I sat down at the table and started talking to her about random (how was your day) type stuff… About 10 minutes into the talking about nothing important, she ‘randomly’ comes out and tells me she bit her lip while trying to eat her sandwich out of tinfoil.

Okay fine, no big deal, (it was the outside of her lip ‘near’ the corner but not on the corner. I ask her a question about it after and she says it may have been because it was ‘dry’ and that it might not have been from biting her lip. (not in those words)… Okay… next thing… That same evening we were watching a show together as usual before bed and she randomly after not talking at all, comes out and says she got rug burns on her elbows. My wife showed me and said they were from doing Planks (a form of arm pressing exercise but with both elbows down) in the morning.

My wife now turns around and said one of them was from the day before that I don’t’ remember seeing at all. I could be wrong of course. Now I am really going crazy in my head as I can’t stop thinking this could be from an affair. A bit lip and rug burns on both elbows in the same day and randomly brings it up (separately) in different points of the day.

Can you please give your honest opinion as to what I should think about this. I don’t want to be right but it can’t be proved regardless based off this. It sounds very strange and I could use advice and input on this matter. In your opinion, is my wife having an affair? Please advice me.

Love doctor’s advice on the question – Is my wife having an affair?

Hello my friend,

If your wife is having an affair and she bit her lips and wounded her elbow then this guy must be pretty rough!  The most important thing is that do you suspect you wife cheating all this while? People usually don’t hurt their lips and bruise their elbows during affairs so it really isn’t enough proof.

If your wife bit her lips and tells you, then bruise her elbow and tells you again it means you two are really good friends and she want to share everything that happens to her with you. In my honest opinion, I don’t think your wife is cheating. But if you still want proof check out our articles on how to catch a cheating spouse

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  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    Pretty funny tho. But you can’t accuse your wife of cheating over these findings?
    If you really do suspect your wife of cheating, then make it a point to dig more into her extra life aside yours. Without that,am sorry to say,your suspicions might just be worthless. Find out more so as to prove yourself right or wrong.

  2. Teddy Wendy says:

    Based on your ideas of your wife having an affair, I will ask you to find more proof because your worries are excuse me to say baseless. Because what she told you might really be accidents, so just stay cool and investigate in order to clear your mind.

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