My Dad Cheated on My Mom

My dad cheated on my mom and am so confused what to do. I hate my dad because of his cheating behaviour. I’m 19 and in the university and my dad visits me way too often than a dad will visit a daughter on campus.  My dad comes to my campus like twice a week and buys me pizza every tuesday. I see two (2) pizza’s all the time so I assumed he was send one home, but no it was always for another girl on campus.

My roommate alerted me that my dad cheated on my mom with a particular girl in another hall. So we checked and it was true. He come to visit the girl he’s cheating with and they kissed in the car before going. I’m so disappointed in my dad because even if my dad will cheat, it shouldn’t be with a girl in my school.  I don’t know whether to tell my dad I know he’s cheating or just pretend I don’t know. My mom is very young and beautiful and she’s only 39 years but doesn’t even look it. She had me when she was young and am their only child. I cry all the time because my daddy is so nice a father to me and such a good husband to my mom. I’m afraid this girl will destroy our home. Or I should rather confront my dad’s girlfriend?

Love Doctor advice to my dad cheated on my mom

Never tell your mom. This is a crazy advice but the reason is simple. You do not know the reasons why he’s cheating (am not endorsing you dad for cheating), but there are real issues in marriage that explains Why Married Men Cheat we have an article on it. My advice to you is to hold on your feelings until you’re less angry or emotional then talk to (not confront) your dad. Tell him what you saw and how that makes you feel. Ask you dad to put a stop to it otherwise you’ll tell your mom? Think about it this way, what will you gain should your mom know about it? A divorce, broken heart for her and family disintegration. All the best.

my dad cheated on my mom

My dad cheated on my mom what do I do?

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  1. Tijani says:

    this is quite complicated,not really complicated ecause issues stronger and bigger than this are in existence, i can imagine your feelings, now you just said that your dad loves you so much, that will serve as an advantage for you to win his attention, you ought to confront him, tell him what your friends are telling you, tell him what you have also seen with you own eyes, tell him it makes you feel ashame and uncomfortable, if truly he loves and care for your feelings, he is going to act accordingly, best wishes

  2. Bright Bethwel says:

    No. Do not confront your dads girlfriend. Rather confront your Dad. Make him aware you know of what he is doing, and it’s either he puts a stop to it or you will tell your mum.
    Running to tell your mum is the best thing to do but not advisable as at now. Your father might have reasons for cheating and all that. Telling your mum might simply tear your family apart.
    Let this be between you and your Dad. It’s either he puts a stop to it or to will tell your mum. It’s as simple as that.
    If he does stop, simply try and over come it and do forgive him. We all make mistakes you know.
    If he doesn’t, please don’t think twice about telling your mum.

  3. Teddy Wendy says:

    Confront your Dad and make him aware that you know about his affair so he should stop. Your Mummy’s happiness and yours depends on this so don’t hesitate to warn him.about hie mistake. Because you are his only child he would listen when your pour out your heart to him.As fot the girl on your campus i wouldn’t advice you to confront her violently but rather have a heart to heart chat with her, tell her how important your family is to you and that she should picture herself in your situation. she might listen
    But please don’t say anything about this to your Mum it would disturb her alot

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