How to Enter into a Relationship

I found it difficult to approach a lady and tell her I love her. I feel like how will she react towards me if she reject.

Love Advice on How to enter into a relationship

Of Course every guy will be afraid of rejection to approach a lady the first day and tell her he loves her! It usually doesn’t work that way. First try and be friends with the lady. Then after you build that connection, things will flow naturally.  Sometimes you wouldn’t even have to tell her, she knows it already and wondering why you’re keeping so long.

Join clubs and societies. Maybe you can start by being friends with ladies who are friends already with people you know. That way they won’t reject your friendship.

If you’re timid, start by approaching ladies who are way older than you or younger than you. For example if you’re 20 years, approach 45 year olds and say hello. That will be innocent because you have no intention of sleeping with them (hopefully). After you build that rapport with older woman come down to your level and things will flow.

All the best. Just next time you see a girl and you’re scared, keep in mind that she’s also dying for you to make a move. And just incase she’s rejects, don’t worry because there are 4 billion other women out there.

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  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    Rejection is normal. You gotta learn to deal with it one way or the other. The ladies you see around you are not goddesses. They are humans, the worst they can do is to say “No” or tell you they ain’t interested.
    Who knows, that which you might be scared off is dying for you to make a move. And until you overcome this fear, you wouldn’t know who might also be really interested in you.

    Try being yourself normally. And start things off pretty slow. Starting off as good friends will do for now. Even tho some ladies like guys who are straight forward.

    Try to mingle alot wih your already females female friends. Being ignored or rejected that way will be very very less since the friendship connection is already there through a mutual friend. Gradually, your confidence will build up.
    All the best.

  2. Tijani says:

    you loving someone does not necessarily need you to approach her with that statement ” I LOVE YOU” no!, it is said that there are many ways of killing a cut, yes! i believe in that statement in the sense that, you showing a constant care for her will draw her attention to you love for her, when you do that, she might even end up showing the love.
    all i am trying to say is that you need to show a lot of care for her, as in calling her just to check up on her, sending her airtime, not always but once in a blue moon, you know and the like.
    most women{ladies} like guys who care.
    if you can do that the trust me you will win her love.\
    stay blessed

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