I Want a Divorce After 16 Years of Marriage

Please I have married for 16 years and my husband is out of country for 9 years. I have been doing everything at home. I pay for the rent, school fees and everything. It got to a stage that he said a pastor told him he should not have married me. Please I need your advice since I want a divorce too

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Honestly, I think you’re already divorced just that you haven’t made it official.  He should take responsibility which he doesn’t. What the pastor says doesn’t make sense to me. Is he God? Did the pastor tell your husband who he should have married?

My dear, if you’ve been on your own for 9 years without your husband’s aid (assuming he’s financially capable of helping) then it’s time to move on. If his family tells you “for better for worse”, tell them you have confirmation from God, through your husbands pastor that you two weren’t meant to be.

What God has joined, let no man put asunder.  But if you see what God has joined, my sister can’t you see? Move on!  Read our article on When to get a divorce

i want a divorce

I want a divorce from my husband after marrying for 16 years

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  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    This is more like being a single mother, and you have been good at it for nine good for years. Partners travel abroad and still do their responsibilities financially. Yout husband is certainly not one of them.
    He has given you enough notice to move on.
    1.His absence
    2.Neglect of responsibilities
    3.Word from his pastor.
    My dear, do move on. You will be much happier.

  2. chanteliris says:

    I think he needs to give you enough reasons before quitting on you this way. its alright if he wants out of the marriage, but at least he owes you a reasonable excuse. moving on my dear as you say you want to might seem very easy to do at this point since you feel you already doing fine by yourself.but have you considered the kids and how they feel?

    i think you need to sit down with some of his relatives and iron things out. if he wants you to move on he should come down and tell you so you guys reach an agreement on how to cater for the kids and other parental responsibilities. dont settle for less. he should care for his kids. the burden should never rest on you alone. dont allow it.
    most men in todays era tend to shun their responsibilities all in the name of seeking divorce and leave the load on the woman.
    please move on but demand some rights to be performed for your kids.

  3. Tijani says:

    then let him goooooo
    if hes that childish to believe in one pastor about his destiny, let him go and trust me hes going to come back begging you to give him a “chance”
    not that you arent capable of doing things on your own, you have being doing it for the past 9 years so that wont me a big problem..
    let him go okay..
    stay blessed and best wishes

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