How to Get Over a Heartbreak

Hello, My girlfriend just broke up with me and cited incompatibility as the cause of her decision. She fails to listen to me anytime I try to correct her saying she is not the type to be controlled so she took her decision.

I am currently heart broken and want to know how you can help me get over it.

Love Advice on How to Get Over a Heartbreak

how to get over a heartbreak

How to get over a heartbreak

Please read our articles on What to do after a breakup . Our second article will on How to deal with breakups will also be helpful.

Thank your stars whenever someone breaks your heart without you doing nothing wrong. It just means they weren’t worth to deserve you.

You’ll find another girl who will accept corrections or criticisms.

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  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    Man, go and celebrate and stop feeling sorry or hurt. Be happy, for at least you know you did nothing wrong to deserve the break up, which should also tell you that, she was looking for a way out a long time ago, Not because you aint a good guy but for her own personal reasons.
    Due to the love you have for her, it will take sometime to get over it but trust me, you will eventually do. And it will be much quicker if you come to accept the fact that you are better off without her.

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