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Hi, My name is Kelly. Am of age 22. The issue here is, i can’t seem to move on with my love life after breaking up with my ex girlfriend. I had fallen in love with her during our days in high school. Upon completion, the love i had for her grew much stronger and i thought hers did too. Not knowing, she was constantly busy cheating on me with my close friends- as in Kiss them, let them smooch her and stuff.

I found out as a result of her best friend who didn’t like the way i was being treated. It goes on and on and on. To cut a long story short, i broke up with her after confronting expecting her to tell me the truth but she lied on several occasions. Believe me, i knew it was true because i had received chats and other conversations she had had with the numerous guys.

Some of which she sent her nude pics and stuffs too. The problem now is, how can I move on to focus on being in a new relationship. Girls have been hitting on me and some to the extend of proposing but i just can’t get myself into it. I feel every lady will treat me like she did. I know that’s a stupid thought but am just so scared of getting hurt again. Thanks for your time.

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Sorry about the way you were treated. I want to assure you that not every girl is a cheat, liar, player etc.  There are really very nice girls and good girls out there who will adore a guy like you. Just relax and make new friends with girls and gradually that friendship will develop into love. If you love any of the girls that come your way, be bold and take the risk.  Life is full of risks anyway. You could also read our articles What to do after a break up and How to deal with breakups it offers lot of tips. All the best.

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  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    Life goes on bro. I know how you feel. Just make it a point to mingle with other girls alot. That way, the rate at which you think about what you have been through will be less. You should also know that all ladies ain’t the same. Try giving them and yourself a chance. But if you think you still ain’t ready to move on onto relationship, start of by making new friends. All the best.

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