Troublesome Sister is Back

My sister is the non listening type, talks a lot and isn’t submissive at all and thinks she is always right. She got married some months ago(about 8months), and as early as it is, she and her husband are fighting almost everytime. Am not worried about that for I know the kinda human being my sister is.

I was very glad she married and will finally leave my house. For a moment I had peace in the apartment where I live-No nagging, no long talks, no quarrelling. But now she is back. She left her husband’s house due to the fights they are having. Currently, she is homeless and I pitty her but I don’t want her here either. I seriously don’t. I need my peace of mind. But how do I break the news to her without hurting her feelings. I do care about her but I can’t deal with her guts no more.

Advice on Troublesome Sister is Back

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO HURT HER FEELINGS!!!¬†That’s exactly what your sister needs. You’ve got to show her tough love. Your sister probably isn’t submissive because no one in the family is bold enough to correct her foolish ways. I hope she has just left husband for a while and not really divorced. Even if she has divorced, she can still be corrected to treat the next man right.

This is what you should do. ¬†Tell you sister her attitude stinks and that no human being on this planet can tolerate her. Let her understand that she has to change her attitude or you’ll kick her out of your house. Don’t be soft on her, you’re doing her more harm by refusing to hurt her feelings. Show leadership as a brother (big brother I guess) and help your sister out. Find her a job so she can survive on her own then pack her out. You need to have your peace otherwise you’ll die early and leave your sister who you love so much all by herself.

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  1. Tijani says:

    hmmm i understand how it feels when your relative isnt doing what your heart wants.
    now if you have the ability, why dont you help her by renting an apartment a little far from your end, that will help you get the peace of mind you looking for, make your reasons known to her, because assuming your have a husband, whats going to happen, are you going stay in one house with her and your husband, so if you have the ability to rent the apartment for her, then there you go. other than that, you would have to cope with her in your house for the time being.
    stay blessed and best wishes

  2. Chantel Iris says:

    If she’s trouble, then you have to let her know. you love her as your sister,but the truth needs to be learnt the the hard way. about her being homeless, if you can’t accommodate her in your house, why not give her financial support so she finds herself a place to rent? driving her away wont help matters really. shes still your sister you know. no matter what you can’t leave her all alone by herself on the streets. just offer financial help to her, and make sure she gets somewhere to put her head. maybe in the course of time she will sort matters out with her husband. so just do what you can now for her as the loving brother that you are.

  3. Bright Bethwel says:

    From what I have read. Your sister is older than you. Hope I am right. Because if you were older, you wouldn’t allow her to just move in and out of your apartment like that nor will be scared to tell her your piece of mind. You have that lil brother fear in you which makes you accept everything she says without complaints even tho you aren’t comfortable with it.
    Well, its time you break that boundary and cross that bridge.
    Yes, it will be difficult but you must do it.
    Bring your sister to a centre focus and tell her why you don’t want her around. Point out her bad attitude and stuff to her, and am sure this won’t be the first time she will be hearing it. Let her know you are fed up with the way she simply goes about things and she marrying was a very burden taken from your shoulders and now that she is back, you don’t feel comfortable one bit.
    It’s either she finds an apartment for herself or she moves back to her husband’s house.
    Trust me, she is the reason why he husband fights and quarrels with her all the time.
    You there wouldn’t marry an unsubmissive, harsh and nagging woman. Good! So you should know the man simply can’t stand your sister.
    Let her know its either she changes for the best or she will continue to be alone.

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