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So My husband and I have been together for 9yrs. When we first got together we made love ALOT!! 3-5 times a day. Just about daily. We did see other people in the begining but that faded pretty quickly. After 6yrs I got pregnant. While I was pregnant with our first child (we both have kids from previous relationships) I found out he was cheating.

After confronting him he finally came clean. I didnt think we would last after that especially after my doctor told me I had Trcih. which is a STD. After several months I let him stay with me off and on and help me take care of our daughter. We ended up having being intimate rarely. Its never been the same but we did try to rekindle the relationship. I am pregnant again…..for the last time!! He has now started to tell me that love making is over rated and we haven’t done it in over a month. I cant help but to think he is cheating again.. He has never ever had a problem making love with me. this is very sudden and upsetting. I am 38 and pregnant with a 2yr old. He is 37. I feel like I need help but, I cant stand the thought of him being with someone else but living with me. any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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It’s understandable to feel he’s cheating because he has done it before. But you cannot be 100% sure he is so give him the benefit of a doubt.  You did mention you’re pregnant again but didn’t state how many months.

Some guys get a little turned off when making love to their partners who are heavily pregnant (am not trying to hurt your feeling, it’s a fact). If that’s the case then relax he’ll bounce back and give you his all after the baby. Never confront a man of him cheating unless there’s enough proof. Because accusing men of cheating will eventually lead him to do exactly that. Take care of your two year old and the unborn baby. Any emotional stress on your part can affect the baby as well.

So step out there, visit places and release some tension. you’ll be just fine.  I wouldn’t advice to try to catch him cheating since it wouldn’t augur well for you. But if you still insist then here is our article on How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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  1. Chantel Iris says:

    First of all, you need to relax. anything you might try to do now might just seem irrational. before you settle down on saying hes cheating, try look out for possible evidence. but even with that, he might not be entirely guilty.
    i think the problem should be addressed on your part as well. is it because you caught him cheating once, that made you withdraw yourself from being like that with him? you need to forget about the past if you really want to be happy with him. if not, you will always assume he’s cheating even when he’s not. try to talk to him and find out why he’s not interested in lovemaking recently. maybe its stress, or even work load or something. you can never tell.
    sit him down and talk to him. tell him how you feel about everything going on.

  2. Tijani says:

    the fact is you are pregnaht for jim i guess, i wouldnt appreciate the situation where the two of you will quarrel and there will be a need for a break up and you will be there wanting, so why dont you exercise some patience and till you give birth and see how his reaction is going to be.
    before you accuse him of anything, make aure you have enough proof( evidence) to buttress you accusations.
    stay blessed and take care

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