How to Get Over Heartbreaks

I need your urgent advice on how to deal with heartbreaks. Every girl I date ends up hurting me. I don’t cheat nor flirt around but they always pay me back with negatively.

Currently am scared to enter any relationship again. How do I get over this. Please help.

How to get over heartbreaks

You didn’t state how many girls have broken your heart and didn’t give reasons why they left. Cheating and flirting are not the only reasons that lead to breakups. They are many reasons my brother. Ask the previous girlfriends why they left and be very open hearted to listen to them.

They might offer you solutions into what went wrong.  It might be a habit about you they don’t like. Look within yourself to also identify if there is something you’re doing wrong or something you aren’t doing right and fix it.

Lastly it might be no fault of yours at all. Maybe you’re just dating the wrong kind of girls. Try and befriend a girl for something and really like her before entering into a relationship. On getting over heartbreaks quickly please read our article How to Deal With Breakups and

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  1. Tijani says:

    i will say
    you must first examine yourself very well and if you happen not finding faults then approach any of these ladies or if possible each of them, one of them will be sincere to you and tell you the whole truth about your weakness.
    its strange tho but it exist, and i must tell you if you dont do something about this early, i pray you dont be a victim of that problem, where guys stay without getting a single lady to date let alone marry.
    stay blessed and take care

  2. Bright Bethwel says:

    Your problem can be from both sides. Which is either you or the Ladies. The best you can do for yourself to know your stand is to get in contact with most of those ladies and find out from them what you did wrong. It might just some little little faults about you that are that significant to you but it is to them. Do work on yourself if you should find out about this.

    It might also be that, that special lady isn’t just in yet. They say everything happens for a reason. Yours might not be any different.

    I suggest you go easy to when entering into a new relationship. Don’t put yourself too much into a relationship which you are yet to find out where it leads to.
    Go in easy and let your mind take play and not only your heart.

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