Husband Says He is Not In Love With Me

My husband told me a few nights ago that he’s not in love with me, but still lives with me. 8 yrs married, 4 years dating before & three kids later. He said he’s had this feeling a few times before. He says he wants & needs me. He is still physically attracted to me. He says that I nag too much & stress him out about money financially & check up too much on him when he spends money.

He’s extremely stressed out at work. I want to makes these changes. I want to save our marriage. I believe in us & in our marriage. He does have a hard time dealing with stress at work, right. What Else can I do! When we talked more the second day he seemed to open up more. Help!!!!

Advice on Husband Say He Does Not Love Me

Most couples have the feeling of not loving their spouse once in a while. Especially when they do things against us.  Your husband obviously isn’t happy because of things that might be going on at home and at work.

Talk more to him and get him to open up to you. Just make sure not to use things against him after he opens up otherwise he’ll go back into his shell again. Read these helpful tips on How to Keep Husband Happy and apply them to your marriage. It will work!

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  1. Tijani says:

    I know what stress can cause, if your husband is suffering from stress,then i will say that he should go for some holiday which will help in relaxing the mind and body.
    But if thats not the case, then i will say find time and sit him down and talk to him, there might be something that he will tell you which you could find solutions to.
    Stay blessed and best wishes

  2. Bright Bethwel says:

    Your husband is just stressed out. And the last thing he needs is for you to nag or complain too much. Try talking calmly to him most of the time and identify what you do to keep him open to you aside from talking, if it’s only talking that calms him down. Then keep it up. Keep him up to date with constant conversations and try having fun alot.
    Draw his mind back into again by doing the things he loves.
    It’s just stress. Help him work his way through it.

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