Long Distance Relationship Problem

I have a boyfriend who I started dating last year 31 Dec. The thing is a long distance relationship he calls me sometimes after a week or so. He promised to love only me but I feel like he can’t handle this long distance relationship.

I am feeling like he is pushing me away because i miss him everyday and if he doesn’t call I get hurt and am so afraid to start calling him first.

help me.

Advice on Long Distance Relationship


Long distance relationships

Long Distance Relationships and how to deal with their problem

Why are you afraid to start calling? Maybe your long distance relationship boyfriend is feeling the same way. He feels his girlfriend doesn’t call at all so there’s no love. Communication is very important in long distance and thanks to technology there are now cheaper ways of communicating. Whatsapp, viber etc. You could even do video calls with your boyfriend.

Men like to be pursued as well and it’s pretty fun to have your girlfriend show interest. Please read our read article How to Deal With Long Distance Relationships for interesting tips. All the best


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  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    For every relationship to last, communication is one element that holds it, No matter how close you are. And here lies the case you two are far apart.
    It isn’t an obligation for him to necessarily call you first. There is absolutely nothing wrong if you call him first.
    What makes think he might be feeling the way you are now? As in you don’t love him as you say due the fact that you don check up on him, you don’t call him until he does all these first.
    Relationship is a mutual agreement. Do not let the burden be on only one person.
    Call him as much as you want or need to. Worry him if the need be. He will be much inclined to you then.
    All the best.

  2. Tijani says:

    That thing have a great impact on relationships in the sense that, one might be busy so he couldn’t call, instead of calling to know what is happening for him not calling you, a whole lot.
    You cant start calling him, it will make him feel loved.
    There is nothing wrong it.
    Stay positive and best wishes

  3. chantelle iris says:

    You already know the answer to your problem if you ask me. you’re just scared of letting go and making him aware of the fact that you’re deep in the relationship.call him my dear. it wont hurt. he has been calling you all the time so it wont hurt if you call him for a change. put pride aside and call him please.

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