Marriage Falling Apart

My husband and I have both been married before and he is a couple of years younger than I am. Both of us over 50 though. We are seeing our marriage falling apart because of many reasons.

We have a home that is in bad need of repair and not the funds to do it, but my husband can do a lot of it himself, but is too wrapped up in online games. I have gotten up in the middle of the night before to find him either playing the game or he has fallen asleep with his phone in his hand where he has been playing.

I feel that he has more to do with his online gaming friends than he does with me. He has a pet name for one of the girls on the game and she has one for him. However, she supposedly lives in another state. He sleeps on the couch and has for the last 3 years and I sleep in the bedroom. We do not have a sexual relationship at all. He says that he has erectile dysfunction, but refuses to say anything to the doctor about it.

I have just gone through weight loss surgery and have lost a good amount of weight. I thought that maybe it would entice him to start sleeping with me. He politely told me that he isn’t physically attracted to anyone, so for me not to take it personally. My marriage is falling apart now and I want to leave my husband. I don’t know what else to do.

Marriage Counseling on Marriage Falling Apart

I understand the way you feel and that of your husband is he is seriously not physically attracted to any woman. Your husband has turned to online games because he is not happy. See our article on How to Keep Husband Happy and find some tips from there.

marriage falling apart

Marriage falling apart and I want to leave husband

Your husband turn to online games to cheer himself up.  Maybe it has nothing to do with you at all.  Aside the gaming try to find things he loves doing and engage him it.  If you were into online games I’d have advised to start playing with him, but obviously most women about 50 have other priorities. Can you stay in the couch/sitting room with him reading your story book and chatting with your husband whiles he plays his online games? Build a connection.

Your husband needs to get help if indeed he has an ED. Psyche him up and convince him to see a doctor.  Most men have ego and might feel uncomfortable walking up to a doctor about this. Online games with a lady isn’t as bad as you think. If your husband was really into online cheating, he would be finding women on online dating websites to be chatting with not playing games. Don’t let your marriage fall apart.



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  1. Enter says:

    This is silly. Just leave him!

  2. chantelle iris says:

    Honestly, i don’t know what to even say right now. he has a problem. a reaaly big one if he acts the way you say he does. its obvious you guys fell apart a long time ago and he has moved on from being your husband to being just a mere co-tenant in the house.
    for sure he does not respect you, because if he did, he wont treat you so. my advice will be for you to seek help outside from other relatives of yours. allow them to come in and talk to him. if he wont listen to you, he might as well listen to them whether he likes it or not.
    if that does not work, sit him down and have a candid talk with him. if its divorce he wants, then he could go ahead and have it.

  3. Bright Bethwel says:

    Why don’t you join him rather than making him join you?
    What I mean is, if you want to get him to change to his old ways, you must first try and be involved with what he loves doing first. Like Dr.Love said, do join him when he is playing the video games, chit chat with him when he is online playing games. Not always but at least once a while support with he is inot. It is only when you are able to do will you be able to get him to change gradually.
    All the best.

  4. Tijani says:

    i understand your problem but i will say you must be grateful he is not going chasing for other women(womanizer), but he spends time on games, why don’t you try arranging an appropriate time to talk to him, tell him you are not happy with what is going on in the house, if there is any problem which maybe you are involve he might tell you so that you try getting solutions to.
    you are both old, so i wont recommend DIVORCE to be a wise decision.
    take care and best wishes

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