In Love With a Married Man

I had never imagined myself being in love with a married man. It began when I met this man and become friends very quickly. I never knew he was a married man before falling in love with him. I had come out of a terrible relationship and promised myself not to fall in love with any man again. This man was so sweet, caring, loving and we clicked so much. I fell in love with him, but held my feelings for him by not showing it too much as I didn’t want to get hurt again.

One evening he took me out and one thing led to another. I was so shocked myself that I never resisted him like I would have resisted any man.  He broke my defenses I guess. After he took me home he then told me he was a married man. I felt a mixture of heartbreak and love at the same time because I never wanted to fall in love with a married man and at the same time I had fallen in love with a very good man. Had he told me he was a married man, I wouldn’t have gone ahead with him. He kept calling and visiting and I got to know and appreciate him more.

This man looked troubled, sad and tired all the time. Apparently he was having a very terrible marriage with his wife. He is was not a happy man at all until he met me. He has been through a lot with his wife and it surprises me they haven’t completely broken up yet. Listening to his story I feel his marriage wouldn’t work with or without me. I seem to bring joy to his life and don’t know what will happen to him should I breakup the relationship. At the same time I feel guilty of dating a married man. I need advice.


Relationship Counseling on In Love With a Married Man

In Love With a Married Man

I’m in love with a married man and need counseling on what to do

It’s a complicated relationship you find yourself in. All I’ll say is that he should have told you earlier that he was a married man before anything happened. This married man never lied to you, he withheld the whole truth which by the way is equally wrong for any relationship.

The married man withheld that truth because he was scared to loose you. If he have reasons for having terrible marriage, he should breakup with the wife because of those reasons not because he is in love with you.

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  1. chantelle iris says:

    He’s a married man my dear. no matter how you look at it, its still a sin to date him. he might have told you late, but it doesn’t change the fact that you can still quit and go elsewhere. if he’s having problems with his wife that’s entirely up to him to solve. you don’t have to be the determining factor that keeps him in it or not.
    i hope you are a christian though/ because there’s no other way in seeing this aside from the fact that it’s sinful. leave before its too late. try placing yourself in the shoes of his wife. will you be happy if it were to be you? of course not. so just quit, even though you may love him and look for someone who’s single and ready to mingle.

  2. Bright Bethwel says:

    He should let go of his wife not only because he loves you but mainly because of the problems he is having.
    I feel that’s the best thing to do so you won’t feel any guilt if his marriage should end.
    All the best.

  3. Tijani says:

    it is quite complicated because
    1. You have one way or the other brought this man happiness
    2. you have also met some kind of happiness with this man.
    But consider the fact that hes married, that is to say he still have a wife though there is some kind of misunderstanding.
    The woman can ACCUSE you of being the root of the misunderstanding in her house, which i now you will not buy.
    Now it is either you persuade him to divorce the wife in a logical manner or you walk put to prevent any inconveniences.
    take care and best wishes

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