My Wife is Cheating on Me With Office Colleague

My wife is cheating on me with her office colleague. What should I do?

Marriage Counseling on My Wife is Cheating on Me with Office Colleague

Leave her. If you’re very sure of what you’re saying and it’s not based on mere suspicion then walk away.  Cheating isn’t likely to stop so unless you want to endure forever the pain then it’s about time to let go of her. Read our article on six reasons Why Women Cheat. It will help you in your next marriage (or next life should you decide to stay in your current marriage).

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  1. chantelle iris says:

    Do you have proof of this going on? or its just a hearsay? i think the best thing to do will be to carefully monitor should you have any doubts concerning her fidelity. if not, you cant just say she’s cheating on you without any concrete evidence. ask yourself some questions. who is this colleague she’s becoming too close for comfort with? does he drop her off at home? have you caught them in an uncompromising situation before? you need to ask all these and get concrete evidence to the above before you know the next step to take.

  2. Bright Bethwel says:

    Simply leave her. Trust me. She isn’t likely to change anytime soon. If you are very sure of this, please end the marriage. But if you think you can forgive her and still be with her without any regret or being hurt then just do that. Choose wisely.

  3. Tijani says:

    the problem i have with issues of this nature is that, do you have a concrete proof or evidence?, even if there is , have you try knowing what the problem is, for her cheating?, remember you said your WIFE and not you girl, so would you afford divorcing her without knowing what the problem is with her?
    hmmmm, the choice is yours, either you let her go or you try and make amendments,
    take care and best wishes

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