My Wife Has Been Hijacked

My wife and I have been married since 2011, it has had ups and downs, mostly due to my unresolved physc and family issues. On top of that I had an abusive stepdad to my mom. In Feb of this year our landlord came to us saying he was raising our rent to an amount we could not afford, and did not have enough in savings to cover the up front costs of moving to a new place. So after a lengthy discussion, my wife and I decided I would move back to my home to an inherited house to get my head right and my wife would move in with a co worker with a small spare room.

We kept in constant contact, but my wife’s messages started slowing down around valentines day and we I knew in my gut that something was up, so after valentines day, i asked her to just tell me if she was seeing someone, she finally came clean and said she had been seeing someone for a month.

At that exact time I was doing so much better that I was ecstatic about starting our new better life together and I told my wife all that, then about a week after that I started getting emotional messages from her about how she only wants me, then she went on further to say that the man she’s having an affair with has changed since she has moved in.

The man she’s having an affair with has become violent and made death threats to her, saying if she left he’d hunt her down and quote “blow her head off”.  My wife has told me the house is full of guns, my wife said she tried to leave once but he told her he knew where she would go and he’d come through her friends door with gun blazing then turn the gun on himself. Basically, he has said if he can’t have my wife no one will.  My wife claims she wants out but she says she cant go back to her friends because that’s the first place he’d look, and her friend has a small child.

I have offered both financial and personal support to get my wife out but she says she doesn’t want me involved because of how my temper can be towards a threatened loved one and how crazy she says he is, she keeps turning my help down.  My wife claims that she doesn’t want anyone involved because of his volatility, and she keeps saying that she got herself into this and she needs to be the one who gets herself out. It sound like it may take some time, but yet my wife keeps sending me lovey emotional messages. I’ve told her our life together can be what shes wanted, but I can only offer my help so many times to a brick wall, do I give up and pray for my wifes safety? or do I fight for the wife I love?  Divorce papers have not been filed yet, also I have suggested that sheriff be there to supervise her getting her stuff out the house and she says its a small town and 3/4 of that law enforcement is his hunting buddies.

Marriage Counseling on My Wife has been Hijacked

Your story sound more like an Action Movie mixed with a loving story. But relax. What you need now is security advice to get your wife out of danger. After that you two can solve your marriage problems. Consult the police in your area immediately! They will link you to the national police to assist best.  You can handle this yourself otherwise he’ll come “blow your head off” trust me.  I just hope your wife isn’t making things up.

After her rescue, please go your separate ways because she dumped you at your lowest point in your finances. She’s not worth your love. You could also consider writing a story book out of this :).

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  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    First and foremost, get divorce papers ready. Now, talk to the police, they are the only people who can guarantee her total safety out of the house or tell her to call the police herself since the man is holding her against her will. When she is safely out, get her to sign the divorce papers without thinking twice about it, for she is not a wife. She is a gold digger. She left you and went in for another man because things were going bad for you financially, now she wants to be with you again because your financial status is getting back on its feet.
    Please forget her.

    Thank God a situation like fht

  2. Tijani says:

    why don’t you involve the police, is it by force to love someone?
    just involve the police, explain everything to them and i bet they will resolve the issue for you
    involving the police will be the best thing to do.
    take care and best wishes

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