How to Approach a Girl

I don ‘t know how to approach a girl i have feelings for. Sometimes i feel nervous . I know that most of the time it is fear.

Relationship Counseling on How to Approach a Girl

You need to get over the fear of rejection. You’re nervous approaching a girl because you’re afraid of being rejected. The first step is to change your mindset.

Say to yourself this girl really wants to talk to me and will be very disappointed if I don’t approach her. Then make the approach.  Add a bit of humor to it (I’m not saying fool around her, it’s not standup comedy :).

Steps to getting over your fear of rejection when approaching girls

Step 1: Make female friends that you don’t want a relationship with. It will build up your confidence level.  Make friends way older than you and build a rapport with them. You can start by not taking contact numbers. If you meet any girl just say hello, get a response and leave.  Do this with number of girls. Say hello with a smile to 2 girls a day.

Step 2: When you’ve mastered saying hello to girls, pass a compliment. eg. I like the dress you’re wearing, love your hairstyle, where did you those lovely shoes etc. And let it be natural. Don’t say I love your hair when there’s nothing special about her hair. You’ll sound fake.

Step 3: Take phone numbers. Never use the phrases “can I have, can we be friends, is it possible…etc”. It leaves room for rejection. So instead of “can I have your phone number” say “Let me have your phone number…”  You get the drift right? Never leave room to be rejected.

All the best. And remember girls loved to be approached. See some of our post Guys don’t approach me ,  Why guys don’t approach meHow to Approach in Church

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  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    You need to man-up bro. Try this; whenever you see a lady you like and wish to approach her, first tell yourself you are going with the intention of making friends and secondly tell yourself you are equally important as the one you want to approach. She isn’t above you nor are you above her. You must know your self worth before approaching her. These will boast your confidence massively.
    Try and be a little jovial too. You can choose to crack sensible funny jokes which should get her laughing or smiling the very moment you speak. Not something she gotta think about before reacting.
    Don’t be too soft. You need to be firm once a while depending on who you are approaching.
    These with what doctor love has said should do the trick.

  2. Tijani says:

    its a matter of showing some kind of care for that lady, if you happen to have her number, then you need to try and be checking on her everyday, asking her of her night, asking her if she has eaten, you need to keep intact with her with questions, as time go on, then you ask her in a form of joke who the lucky guy is, immediately you ask her that question, her mind will go exactly where you are heading to, if she feels something for you then, there you go, she will catch your actions and with time, trust me, you wont know the time you would propose to her and take note of this, telling a lady or girl ” i love you” is childish, ask her would you appreciate us being together, and if shes smart, she will understand.
    take care and best wishes

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