My Husband is Verbally Abusive


My husband and I have been having some tough times. We got married April 16 of this year. There has been a lot of things said to me since we got married. I never thought my husband will be abusive to me with that level of commitment. The first argument we had, he blew up on me and used the F word on me. My husband called me bitch. He said “I’ll slit your throat” and told me I was just like his ex wife . Then after that one there were several more times he told me used abusive words. He said I’ll divorce your fatass, told me he would kick me out again like he did when we were engaged back in August.

My husband said I didn’t give a *** about the kids or him as long as I had My son . He Called me a liar and said that’s what His ex wife did and if I didn’t say things she did that reminded him of her he wouldn’t say that. If I don’t do things my husband like, he threatens me. For instance he said he promises he will make things bad and let them go back to how they were before we got married. He will fight with me in front of My son so if I don’t want that then he suggests I be submissive.

My Husband is Verbally Abusive

My Husband is Verbally Abusive

There are many times like if I post a time hop photo of My son on my Facebook he picks a fight with me about it and says it’s dumb and I don’t need to post once every day Bc he doesn’t have his kids , I still have My son use a booster seat Bc he isn’t legally the correct height or weight to not use one for the seat belt to properly protect him, but he went into my car and moved it in the back and said he is not using a car seat Bc I said so…well I moved it right back.

There’s just a lot of things like that, feels like he’s trying to control every aspect of anything he can and like I am getting punished Bc he doesn’t have the kids. And as far as him comparing me to His ex wife and accusing me of things she has done I really don’t get that at all. I’ve asked him to stop several times and he says he is scared things will be like before. And so I feel like I am getting punished for his past and it’s really making me miserable , getting accused of things I would never do. I am at my wits end. Any advice would be great thanks.

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Leave now because of two reasons:

  1. He will one day surely beat you to pulp.
  2. Your son will not have a proper example and will turn up to be an abusive man too.

To stay married just because you want to/society wants you to. Stay married because you’re happy to be with that person

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  1. Tijani says:

    eeeeiiiii What are you waiting for dear

    do u want him to send you to hell before you understand that he is fed up
    oh please at least reason up and run for your life
    You will find caring one who will treat you as a queen

    stay blessed and take care

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