Unhappy Marriage Making Me Miserable

I am a kenyan lady living in Germany. I got married one year ago to a German man and moved to come to Germany to live with him. We have been living in Germany for three months, but feels like hundred years. I’m feeling miserable in an unhappy marriage. I realised that my husband has been sending money to another kenyan lady who she lives in kenya.  I asked husband why he’s sending money to that lady, he told me he his sponsoring that lady for schooling.

The lady is 35 years old. I once read the text from husband phone. The conversation between him and the lady in kenya their calling each other sweetheart, honey, darling, love etc.  We are sleeping in different bedcovers and most of the time he does not want to talk to me. When i ask him what is wrong he is telling me that he just want to be alone.

I’m feeling helpless not to know what to do. Should I be worried that i will be chanced out soon?

Marriage Counseling in Unhappy Marriage

unhappy marriage with a foreign husband

Is staying in an unhappy marriage the best?

You didn’t state how long you were dating before leaving to marry him. Neither how long you physically knew your husband before marriage. I feel your pain because you find yourself in an unhappy marriage in another country so family support is not readily available. I’ll be straightforward with you and forgive me if am wrong. I think you might have married him because you wanted to move to Germany not purely based on love. I also believe he married you for the wrong reason. It might be intimacy, fantasy etc.

I don’t believe in divorce, but I also don’t believe in staying in a marriage that wasn’t genuine from the very beginning. If things don’t improve you’re going to be miserable and be in an unhappy marriage for the rest of your life. We all make mistakes and have the opportunity to change. Take the When to Get a Divorce Quiz to see your scores. In my honest opinion, move on with your life and be happy. If you feel you did not marry for the right reasons, don’t continue to stay in the marriage.  Annulling the marriage will be proper.

If you sincerely feel both of you married based on love, then you can stay and hope somehow things will turn out right. You can try to have a happy marriage by following: How to Keep Husband Happy and hopefully your husband will reciprocate it. Also read our article on When to Get a Divorce


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  1. Tijani says:

    you need to stay focus, love without trust is a waste, if you really want to stay in the marriage then you need to pay less attention to his actions, if you think you need a divorce too, i will say you should go ahead, because i had wanted to sit him down and talk to him about your feelings but he seem not to be interested, so if you think you are unhappy and the source of your happiness isn’t ready to help you out, what will you do. you are left with no option.

    Please do not let a man frustrate your life whiles someone is dying for your love.
    stay blessed and take care

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