My Boyfriend is a Pathological Liar – He Lies About Everything

I’m 20 years girl dating a boyfriend who is a pathological liar and always lying in our relationship. We’ve been dating for 8 months now and my boyfriend lies about everything. My boyfriend lied about the course that he’s doing, his name and he’s birth date.

My boyfriend says that I’m his only girlfriend. I don’t believe that because he lies about everything and this relationship is built on lies. I love him alot and I confronted him about his lies, but he does not clarify. All he does is tell me how much he loves me and how he never want to lose me. I really want to have a future with his guy because I really enjoy his company and I love him. How do I make him stop lying?

Relationship Counseling on My Boyfriend is a Pathological Liar

pathological liar

Dating a guy who is a pathological liar can be dangerous

Your  boyfriend is a pathological liar. You cannot change him. A relationship based on lies will not work. If his parents couldn’t change him forget about you changing someone who lies.

So this guy lied about his name, age, course and you’re still dating him? Are you that desperate? Or you feel aside your boyfriend there’s no other guy who is fun to be with? Liars are likely cheaters as well.

My advice is the break up with him immediately. See How to Break Up and How to Deal With Breakups to help you heal after you’ve walked away. There’s a thin line between love and foolishness, please don’t be the later – walk away now.

Am sure you have a lot of other male friends who are good guys and fun to be with. Take the Is He the One Quiz using other guys and it will surprise you they might rank higher than you boyfriend.

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  1. Tijani says:

    oh my sister
    i am really surprise you are asking what to do. QUIT the relationship as fast as you can, i can tell you that it wont end you anywhere other than regrets.

    you enjoy his company, you call someone a liar, what do you expect.

    my sister a word to a wise is enough.

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