I Want a Divorce and Reconnect with Childhood Love

Recently I rediscovered my childhood love I was madly in love with in the 1990s. She and I have admitted our true feelings after all these years. My wife and I no longer share the relationship as we once did. My wife has said she never loved me and only felt sorry for me. At the time my wife was married to someone else. I made a mistake with my wife. Now we’re paying. After years of no intimacy, I want a divorce. I am wishing to marry my childhood love I fell in love with years ago after I get a divorce. My childhood love too wants to marry me.

We both have been in bad relationships through the years. My wife does not know anything about Susan and I rekindling of our relationship. I know I owe it to her to be honest. But I am wishing so deeply to get out of a loveless marriage and marry my girlfriend from the 90s.

My ex girl and I both feel exactly the same about each other and have often wished we never went our separate ways. It was Susan’s job which took her away from me as I was in the town where we met working. I so very much want to be with Susan, but have been married to my wife for 11 years. The arguments have grown worse over the years. I’m so tired of living this way. What should I do?

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I want a divorce

I want a divorce and rekindle my love with ex girlfriend

You earlier said you made a mistake with your wife, because she was married the time you two met. Now, is your ex girlfriend also making a mistake is marrying you since you’re also married this time? Are you going to pay for a mistake again? Look, if you want to divorce your wife because you’re unhappy and your marriage was based on a lie then go ahead. Do not divorce your wife because you’ve met a 90’s ex girlfriend and you two feel reconnected. Take When to Get a Divorce Quiz to test if you really need a divorce. Also read When to Get a Divorce to find out if you fit in. Your ex girlfriend is a way different person with different attitude she had when you were dating in the 90’s.

Even if you still get a divorce, take your time and meet new people. You might find someone you connect even more with than you childhood or youthful love. Do not divorce your wife just because you have met someone you really connect with. Otherwise you’ll end up getting a divorce a 100 times because there’s always a woman who will connect better with you than your wife.

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  1. Tijani says:

    you really don’t seem to have anything doing with this current wife of yours, but rather your attention has gone to Susan your childhood friend, i will say that you can talk to your current wife about it and make her aware of your intentions, not that you are going to tell her about your childhood friend, but rather you tell her of your feelings, what you are going through in your marriage life with her, she is going to tell you and her mind, then you take it from there.

    stay blessed

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