How to Get a Divorce After Being Abandoned by Husband

I knew for 6 months and got married. We were dating for just 2 months before getting married. My husband lives overseas and we have not contacted since he went back. This is because he was engaged to another woman. I want to know how to get a divorce under this situation.

I’m want to get married to someone I’ve known for a long time now but the law says we can’t get a divorce till 2 years. However, I am getting married in two months. It’s difficult as I don’t know where in his country he stays and any contact to him. Is there any way I can separate things so I can still get married? While being married to someone I haven’t heard from since being in his country

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Hello my dear, I understand your pain and frustration. We all make mistakes in life, and rushing into marriage is a mistake done by most people. Let me not criticise you for rushing to get married. Lets look at how to get a divorce if there was even a marriage. Before I advice on how to get a divorce, please do not rush to marry the new guy just because you know each other for long.  Marriage is a whole different game than friendship. How long have you been dating this friend? Were you double dating?

how to get a divorce

My husband abandoned me. Can you show me how to get a divorce?

Forgive me if am wrong, I’m beginning to assume you put so much pressure on your husband to marry you and he had to run away because he wasn’t ready for marriage.  You didn’t state the country you’re in but these are what you can do:

  1. If you weren’t aware he was engaged to someone else, then your marriage never happened. He lied to you and the  marriage was based on a lie. In this case you don’t even need a divorce! What you need is to annul the marriage. Annulment of marriage can occur almost immediately.
  2. You can get a divorce if your husband abandoned you without your consent. It usually has to be after one year.  Speak to a legal person in your country.

Have you considered that he might be ill, in jail or dead? It’s all possibilities. Do not rush into a new marriage. Don’t not be desperate to get married. Relax and enjoy your life. You can land in big trouble getting married without properly being divorced. See How to Tell Your Husband You Want a Divorce and also When to Get a Divorce.

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  1. Mattie says:

    The man i married had rushed me into marrying him. Not the other way around. And me being as foolish as i am i listened to him. Im in new zealand and he is in fiji. I havent heard from him since he went back to his home. It frustrates me because it makes me feel like im only ever going to be used. He has not contacted me at all. Only when i tried making his papers to come over but it was his own family who told me to be careful of what he says because they know he has another lady whom he was wanting to bring over once i made his papers. It broke my heart hearing that from his own family i had to ask him if it was true. He said it was but he didnt mean to do it. Since then i have not had any contact with him and do not know where he is. But i want to divorce so i can be free from the embarassment of how stupid i am. I really need help.

    • You’re not stupid, you’re just human. Humans do make mistakes. You have a very good reason for divorce. Infact I wouldn’t call this a divorce because true marriage never occurred. He hid a condition if you had known you wouldn’t have married him. Therefor your marriage was based on a lie. Annul it early and also it’s no embarrassment.

  2. Tijani says:

    I will say you should exercise some patience dear, you should not rush into another marriage which you might regret again.

    he is going to call trust me, he might have good plans for you.

    just pray and hope for the better okay

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