She is Dating Someone Else

Hello Love Dr, I have a girl named opeyemi that I love so so much. Have asked her out since the past 4 months and till now the answer has been no.

It’s obvious that she likes me but she does not love me just because she has someone she’s dating. That’s the only excuse she’s going me.

Have been a victim of loving but not getting the love back. Am 28yrs and have never have a girl of mine. I love this girl and I don’t want to loose her. Please what should it do.

Relationship Counseling on She’s Dating Someone Else

You don’t want to loose her? Well… you can never loose something you never had! Secondly you say she doesn’t want to love you “just because she’s dating”? Like seriously? What other reason does she need? Do you want her to cheat? Or leave her boyfriend just because someone else love her. Leave the girl alone she’s someone else’s.

The real problem here is about you never having a girl. I think you should make more female friends without the intention of dating them. It will build your rapport around them. ¬†You’ll get to know what girls like and from there you will naturally start doing stuff girls like. Don’t give up.


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