My Wife Says Hurtful Stuff

Me and my wife got married and she was going through  a lot of emotional issues. I tried my best to Stand beside her and not leave or go off on her.  My wife kept saying so many hurtful things then saying she didn’t mean them.

She would leave only to come back. Two months ago I became distant and started talking to a woman who I now really like and spend every day with last week.  I moved out from my wife and rarely speak to her.

She’ve said some pretty hurtful and nasty stuff. I don’t know if I can still love my wife or if I even want a family anymore please help me.

Marriage Counseling on My Wife Says Hurtful Things

So you’re married to a mean wife? Don’t take that excuse of your wife going through a lot of emotional stuff. That doesn’t give her permission to be rude.

Moving in with another woman complicates the whole issue. You’re creating a problem in the problem of solving one. If you don’t want your wife just move on before starting a new love life.

Once you’ve moved lets see if she changes

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