He’s Scared to Meet My Family

I’ve been dating this guy for the past 3 months. I’ve met his grandmother, father and brother but he has yet to meet my family. When I ask him about it all he tells me is that he’s scared/nervous but won’t discuss why he feels this way. I’m confused at why he’s comfortable with me meeting his family but won’t take a risk to meet mine? Is he really not interested in having a serious relationship with me?

Relationship Advice on Boyfriend is Scared to Meet My Family

You didn’t mention how old both of you are and how you met his family. Is it more like he lives with his family and you met them during a visit? Or he stays alone and you arranged to meet his parents? What about your family? Do you stay with them and he’s refusing to visit you or your family stay away and you want him to formally go and introduce himself as your boyfriend? The situations are different.

If you live with your family then he should be bold to meet them. He should be able to come home and take you out. Guys who usually double play or are not serious about girls usually avoid their girlfriends families. ┬áIf you’re living independently and you want to take him to your family to formally introduce him as the one you’re sleeping with (boyfriend), then I side a bit with your guy.

Why should he meet your people – 3 months is long but not long enough. Don’t rush him into a committed relationship otherwise you both will regret later in life. The most important thing is that you’ve met his people. That should make you save a bit. Enjoy life.

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