My Husband’s Female Best Friend Get More Attention

I’ve been married for a month now, we’ve been together for 2.8years before we got married but in a long distance relationship. My friends notice that our relationship is weird. There are times that he make me feel worthless, there are times that i feel loved by him.

He has this girl bestfriend, for a long time i am comfortable how close they are and I’m not jealous about their closeness, but A month ago i came back to philippines to get married with my husband since i’m working in Europe and I’ve seen how they treated each other my friends also notice their sweet affection and gestures.

My husband treated her differently. I confronted my husband if he is having an affair with his best friend bec i can’t take it anymore! We fought and he texted his best friend that i am mad at her and accusing them that they have a secret affair. i went home to parents house  i cant believe that our conversation is being forwarded to his best friend. That why she also mad at me. Why it is wrong to ask your husband” I feel sick about them we almost ended to annulment, i tried to forget about it and pretend that its ok.

My husband reassured me that theirs nothing going on with them, but why he puts her first before me he makes me feel that way every time he always takes her side also. Everytime we go out he wants his best friend to go with us even our dates, and night before the wedding i heard him saying its bored when just the two of us. I feel like i don’t deserve those treatment, my past boyfriends never treated me like the way he treat me. I want to forget about it to save our relationship but every time i woke up in the morning the pain is there, the trust is not there anymore. what will i do” i feel broken. thank you

Marriage Counseling on My Husbands Female Best Friend

I’m going to tell you four things and most likely you wouldn’t like three of them.

  1. Your husband should have married this girl since they’re so close to each other. If he knew he likes her best friend so much why go in for another woman? The real challenge you’re facing is that you were dating long distance and couldn’t bond so well. But all is not lost. My solution to this is to befriend the girl instead of trying to fight her. She knows your husband more than you do and you can learn a lot from her. Sounds weird I know.
  2. Don’t bring in your friends into your marriage. Just as you want your husbands best friend to backoff from your marriage, so should your friends. Why do you allow your friends to judge your husband? Why do you discuss your marriage issues with your friends? Put a stop to it.
  3. Don’t compare your previous boyfriends to your husband. If they were that good they would have married you. You husband can compare you to his ex girlfriends too in his mind. There was something special about him that made you get married.
  4. You’ll be fine. You husband isn’t cheating. If he was sleeping with her why will he not marry her? They need time to cut off their friendship. Be nice to them both and don’t let your husband feels like being in a prison just because he’s married. Life is too short to be sad. Make youself happy.

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