My Husband Parties Till Late

My husband is amazing and I am so in love with him. However, we have just been married 2 short months and the partying is not slowing down. He owns his own business and can come and go as he pleases. As for me, I work a 7am job.

He goes out at least 2 to 3 times during the work week and stays out till 3am! Am I controlling in thinking that he should be home? Or okay, go ahead and go out to the bar but do you have to stay till closing every time? When I try to bring it up he says I am selfish in wanting him to be home just for me to sleep.

But its more than that, I don’t do that to him. When I go out without him (which is never) I never stay till closing. Since we been married, I have never felt more alone. Am I the controlling one? Do I just need to get over the fact that he wants to go to the bar a few nights a week and stay all night? I know he isn’t cheating… We are really in love. and i know he loves me very much. He does sweet things all the time for me.

Marriage Counseling on Husband Parties Very Late

Let me first point out your mistakes and then advice you on what to do.

You wrote ” we’ve been married and the partying is not slowing down”. What it means is that your husband was partying till late before you got married. You expect him to change within 2 months? Well, it’s not going to happen – at least not in 2 months. People don’t change just because they are married. Where you partying with him back then or you were okay because you two were single and still dating.

Also, you said you know he isn’t cheating… How do you know that? I’ve got news for you – If he’s not cheating, then it’s just a matter of time. Drinking increase your desire to make love and if he’s drinking until dawn to come home to a nagging “why are you late” situation then he might find solace somewhere before he arrives. Does your husband drink in an all male bar? Girls who constantly stay in bars until 3am are a bit generous¬†and will offer their gift to a tipsy man.

What should you do with your Partying husband? 

Create a party environment at home for him. It might sound crazy but will work. He’s not happy at home because home is boring. It wouldn’t hurt to have a small mini bar at home with some sounds. Or you could buy some drinks and chill them in the fridge. Dance with him at home etc.. You get the drift, right?

I can assure you with time your husband will change. Not in a 3 months or a year but gradually he will. Gently remind him that excessive drinking isn’t good for his health in a loving manner. Never ever nag at him when he’s tipsy, it will drive him away. Once a while go out with him and also invite him to less party environment. At the end you’ll have to love partying a little more and your husband will have to reduce the frequency of partying. You will meet at a point. All the best!

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