My Husband is a Workaholic What Should I do

Hi love dr. Desperately need your help. I am a 27 year old woman. It’s been 3 yrs for my marriage and it’s a love marriage after 8 years long relationship. After getting married my husband has stopped giving me time. You won’t believe it, but since my marriage my husband has not taken me anywhere for outing or picnics or movie or some other thing. It was just our honeymoon where we had gone a very last time ie. 3 yrs back. I don’t know what’s the matter with him. He is into IT field as software Engineer. He is always busy either in his professional life or with his friends and cousins. He never gives me time. I am also working in Teaching field. So as it is we both are busy throughout the week but at least on weekends I expect him to plan something for him and me but always goes out with his friends. When I confront him he gets angry saying stop irritating and then making false commitments to me that next weekend we’ll go somewhere but that next weekend has never come till date. I don’t have any doubt on his loyalty or his love. but he is too lazy and he never likes to go out with me for some special reason and I am really confused over his this kind of behaviour. Please guide n help me out on this. let me know wat should I do???


Marriage Counseling on Married to a Workaholic

It’s a sad situation you find yourself, but don’t worry – we’ll fix it! No one on the face of earth is too busy to take their wife out – is he the president? Even they go on dates! Instead of accusing him of not taking you out or expecting him to plan something why don’t you take the initiative? Ask him out in a nice, sweet polite way.  Are you close with his friends and cousins? You should try hanging out together with him and them. If he refuses then I suggest you start hanging out with yourself and friends. When he sees you having fun on your own, he’ll have a wakeup call that you’re becoming independent and he might change his ways. All the best

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