My Girlfriend is in Love With Another Guy

hello, please some years back my girlfriend called Kathy dated a taxi driver and slept with him when i went to the university but i did everything i can to win her love back.

After winning her love again she started disrespecting me and she even insults me in the presence of my friends then i decided to go in for another girl called benedicta so that kathy will stop insulting me because i thought she was doing that because she knew i cant live without her.

After going in for benedicta, kathy cried and begged me to break up with benedicta and she promised to change but i stayed with benedicta till i realized kathy was changing then i broke up with benedicta. Then kathy’s friend advised her to forget me and date another guy and the guy she dated knew about our issue so he easily convinced kathy and won her love.

Right now they are planning to meet and sleep but kathy keeps on telling me she loves me but she has fallen for the guy and i have been reading their whatsapp conversation and from what i have read in their conversation, kathy is now into the guy.

She is the one telling the guy she is into him so he shouldn’t leave her and she wants him to be her end. there are a lot in the conversation. and kathy doesn’t feel like sleeping with me again but she’s always telling the guy she wants to see him. Benedicta is also begging me to stay with her because she really loves me.

Please what should i do? should i forget kathy and continue with benedicta? i hope to get a reply from you. thank you

Relationship Advice on Girlfriend is in Love with another man

My friend, there is a thin line between being in love and being foolish. I’m afraid you have crossed that line.  Guys, when a girl cheats that is it. You should have walked away after the taxi driver cheating. Your girlfriend has every right to treat you as trash because you allowing her to.

Who the hell is she? Halle Berry? Dude, you’ve got to leave your girlfriend. Infact your girlfriend has already left you so what’s the point in asking what to do?

Love the girl who loves you (Benedicta) and forget about Kathy. Oh and should add that Benedicta is also acting foolish by chasing a guy who sees her as a second choice.

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